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LIVE: Nickelback, Perth, 26 May, 2015

| 2 June 2015 | Reply

LIVE: Nickelback, Perth, 26 May, 2015
Perth Arena, Western Australia, Tuesday, 26 May, 2015
Photography by Stuart McKay

Reviewed by Paula Da Horta

Nickelback Live in Perth 26 May 2015 by Stuart McKay (10)

The Perth leg of the Nickelback tour saw Monster Truck from Hamilton, Ontario warm up the small but eager crowd. With a heavy twist on Sabbath/Deep Purple, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the lead guitarist’s influence is none other than our own Angus Young with his own version of the Duck Walk, this band set about stamping themselves into Perth’s earholes in the hope of being remembered enough to travel here on their own accord rather than as a support.

They were a high energy band that kept the momentum up which seemed to tweak this slow building crowd. Their job was to warm up the crowd and that’s what they did.

Their music was hard, heavy, with riffs all over the place. Plenty of substance and just a good solid band to support Nickelback. A good choice to add these guys to the tour.

A Million Miles an Hour is exactly how Nickelback came out. The face paced song off their latest album was a hint of what we were to be treated to for the night. Chad Kroeger sporting a very modern short back and sides, looked fit, was energetic and his ever cheeky personable self as he told Perth that they were here to add some spice to our city and to “Put Something In Your Mouth”, was the way to do it. A very tongue in cheek, fun fast song. Hard not to smile really.

The band were tight, the sound was spot on and Chad’s vocals have never sounded better. Obviously with a world class rock band such as Nickelback you expect nothing less. Photograph, a favourite with alot of fans, saw the set slow down a bit, and a chance for fans to be treated to Nickelback’s memories over the year as the back drop to the song.

Staying on the slower side of things Kroeger lightened the mood by joking how he found it ironic that Hero was chosen as a theme song for the 2002 Spiderman movie considering the first line starts as “I am so high I can hear heaven”. He’s not sure what part of that kids think is Super Hero like, but hey, he’ll take it.

As with each new song, there was a guitar change, and boy do these guys love their guitars! They know their product, without being showy about it, and ensure they get the best sound out of them. The Bling set of Guitars was enough to make any girl see diamonds in her eyes and any serious muso drool.

The thing with Nickelback is despite all the jokes and groans about them, they are a very personable band. Super friendly, talking to the crowd with constant banter rather than acting like a bored housewife at a billiards night. They really come down to the crowd and you almost get the feeling that they wish they could be in there with us rather than be up on the stage. They sign things on stage, they shared a Jagerbomb with a die hard Fan who has seen them 50 times!! I walked away from the show saying “I wish Chad Kroeger was my friend” He is just so damn likeable!

Belting out a rousing instrumental rendition of Metallica’s Master of Puppets and Walk by Pantera, while shooting out Band Shirts and Beer Cups. Seriously, one of the coolest bands in Rock. What isnt to like about this band?

Their slow songs, have meaning and are sung with passion, their fast paced songs, are full of punch, rock, and foot stomping moves. I’m not sure why people diss them so much?


The hits of Gotta Be Somebody, Faraway, Animal, just to name a few are delivered with a purpose that had women dancing and the men singing along. And an awesome array of colour backdrops to go with each song, delivered a light show to be envious of.

With a setlist consisting of mainly their hits that they are known for, the few played off the new album, are not as catchy per say as the old stuff but I found them to be more mature. Showing how much Nickelback have grown. Rock with a bit of funk, had me stopped in my tracks as I thought “how cool is this band”, and had me wanting more.

Playing an encore of Foo Fighters “Everlong, I thought an odd choice, but executed so well before farewelling the smaller than usual Perth crowd with the blistering “Burn it to the Ground”.

Nickelback don’t need costume changes to keep a crowd entertained, and that is fact. This was the 3rd time that I’ve seen them and I would definately go again.

Set List:
Million Miles an Hour
Something in Your Mouth
Gotta Be Somebody
Far Away
Edge of a Revolution
Master of Puppets / Walk
Too Bad
Moby Dick
She Keeps Me Up
Summer of ’69 / Hotel California
When We Stand Together
Figured You Out
How You Remind Me

Burn It to the Ground

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