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| 19 June 2015 | Reply


Label: Rise Above Records

Release Date: June 16, 2015

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

From the ashes of The Oath comes Lucifer.  The latest project from Johanna Sadonis has just released their debut disc and this collection is a riff-filled killer.  “Abracadabra” opens the disc with a chugging riff that builds from open to close, even when the mood shifts at the chorus and bridge.  The feel of this track gives the disc a solid foundation and great vibe.  “Purple Pyramid” is next and the guitar work stands out on this track.  The songs basic components are all strong, but the way the guitars lead the charge and create an ethereal wall of sound gives the song depth.  “Sabbath” is a fuzz-fueled piece that shows the influence 1970’s rockers such as Black Sabbath and others had on Sadonis and her co-writer Garry Jennings.  The vocals are earthy and morph to fit the mood of the music.  “Morning Star” is a great song that leans on, and builds itself around, the sound Sadonis dueting with the guitar riffs and leads.  The solo and tempo increase at the bridge give the song a different feel than some of the other tracks on the disc without sounding out of place.

“Izrael” is a killer track that allows the rhythm section to stand out and grab a little attention.  The perfect cadence from the drums and the well-constructed bass lines keep the song moving and inline with the other material on the disc without coming off too heavy.  “White Mountain” opens with great vocals and riffs that run in different directions, but compliment Sadonis’ sound.  The slower opening tempo of the track adds texture to the groove of the song, especially set against the faster parts of the track at the chorus and bridge.  “Total Eclipse” features an eerie opening riff that swirls and combines with Johanna’s vocals to create a cool feel that, while sonically lighter, is heavy in nature and texture.  The songs tempo shifts and takes on a cool sound at the bridge.  Disc closer “A Grave For Each One Of Us” ties together the different songs with cool vocals and guitar parts, as well as consistent drumming and heavy handed bass from the rhythm section.  The song is a great way to end the disc… it creates the want to start the whole collection from the beginning!

Tracklisting: Abracadabra – Purple Pyramid – Izrael – Sabbath – White Mountain – Morning Star – Total Eclipse – A Grave For Each One Of Us




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