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Label: Average Joe’s Entertainment

Release Date: May 26, 2015

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

This duo takes different influences and stirs them into a musical concoction that borrows from rap, country, and rock.  “Stomp” is a swift kick that mixes rap beats with country themes and a cool rock guitar solo at the bridge, giving this disc an interesting start.  “God Bless A Country Girl” follows and leans heavier on the country sound and lyrics.  This has a cool groove that should keep it blasting through stereos and out truck windows all summer long.  “Make The Rooster Crow” is hands down one of the more rap-infused tracks on the disc.  Some heavy guitar and bass riffs give this song a bit of a rock feel.  “Worth It” is a steady track that brings a great mix of singing, rapping, and good country jams.  The feel of the track is accentuated by some cool guitar work underneath the beats.  “River Life” has banjos and some steel in the mix, but the beats that drive the track get the foot going.  The lyrics are interesting to say the least, but coming from a city boy, I am not sure I can relate!  “Them Country Boys” opens with a cool riff and strong beats, and only gets stronger from there.

“Out Here” starts off with a mellower feel, but soon morphs into a heavier rap-style track – think a darker, heavier Colt Ford through the verse, but the chorus brings in a cool rock vibe.  “Tonight On Repeat” builds a cool song around a rap-style verse and throws in a great musical accompaniment and a cool chorus that features Josh Thompson’s vocals.  This one will most likely be played around a lot of bonfires this year.  “Feels Good” brings a heavy guitar to the mix, along with a catchy chorus that comes across as country-rock with a bit of rap thrown in for good measure.  “Back To Georgia” adds another fun country track to the mix, regardless of how much the verse is spoken or rap.  The familiar vocals of Craig Campbell grace the chorus and add s some heavy country depth to the track and disc.  “Might As Well Get Drunk” is a gruff country-rap mixture that throws in a cool steel guitar and lyrics that lean on the country boy side.  “Let Me Know” is a bit different than other tracks when it opens, but the verse is rap heavy track.  The chorus and bridge are cool and feature really good guitar and fiddle work that highlight the mood of the track.  Disc closer “Outlaw In Me” features rapper Crucifix.  The lyrics drive home the good ‘ol boy theme that a lot of the tracks hit on, reminding us how easily different genres of music can be mixed or interchanged.

Tracklisting: Stomp – God Bless A Country Girl – Out Here – Make The Rooster Crow – Tonight On Repeat – Great Moments In Redneck History #4 – Feels Good – Worth It – Back To Georgia – River Life – Might As Well Get Drunk – Them Country Boys – Let Me Know – Outlaw In Me





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