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| 30 October 2012 | Reply

Melbourne’s Blood Duster have never been a band to pander to public opinion. They did call one of their albums ‘Cunt’ after all; hardly a title to get top racking at the local music store.

Actually, do people go to the record store to buy their Blood Duster music anymore? No, everyone just rips it off from the internet right. This was one of the major points of discussion when the band set out to record their latest bunch of noise.

They thought about all the usual channels: iTunes, Facebook, the Radiohead type ‘pay what you want’ kinda thing, limited vinyl – and it just gave them a headache. It’s just fucking rock ‘n’ roll and these kinds of decisions just suck all the fun out of it. They turned that question towards themselves and it led them to ask why they make music in the first place?

Their answer was one given by self indulgent bands since the dawn of rock and roll – that they make music for themselves. There is one difference here, which is that by looking at their eclectic back catalogue you tend to believe them! Blood Duster write for themselves and the fact that you get to hear it is a bonus, for you. The thrill for Blood Duster is in the creation. Writing and recording, feeling that musicians high when the parts gel together for the first time, and all that stuff that a finished product just can’t convey.

The typical process of making, marketing and selling a record simply does not work in the digital age, and with downloads both legal and illegal becoming the norm, there really is no way for a band to recoup the costs of selling that record to their fans. So why bother? Sure, the guys have never been in it for the money and in fact loathe the whole marketing and sales process, but to put all that effort into an album only to have people take it for free is a bit of a depressing situation to be in.

SO, the band have decided the best way to do things is to sort of do both. Taking the DIY punk ethos one step further, they have created their own ethos called, Do It Yourself, For Yourself or DIYFY, and will release their brand new album on limited edition vinyl but it’s pretty much unplayable. You can buy the record but it will have the album’s title KVLT scratched into the grooves rendering it useless. Blood Duster have proven to you that they made an album, they just don’t want you to hear it. This is a band taking total control of what is theirs.

The band have even taken the extreme step of destroying the masters so there is no chance of it ever mysteriously turning up on the net, no super fan ever getting that one copy. Nothing. The album literally no longer exists.

They will release a 5 song download “SVCK” through all the usual channels to promote the “KVLT” LP release and will be playing songs from it when they play at Bastard Fest next month but that’s it. The band have heard the LP, enjoyed making it and are now keeping that enjoyment for themselves because that, after all, is exactly who they write for!

Both the Full Length LP ‘KVLT’ and the supporting 5 track download EP ‘SVCK’ will be released on November 1, 2012.

Catch Blood Duster playing songs from KVLT live this month when they play the Bastard Fest tour nationally.

See Jason PC creating/destroying the Kvlt albums HERE

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