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LIVE: ONE-EYED DOLL – April 2, 2015 (Knoxville, TN)

| 4 April 2015 | Reply

10548207_10152891891053910_698629853085101524_oVenue: The Concourse

ity: Knoxville, TN

Date: April 2, 2015

Review and Photographs by: Jeffrey Everett


One-Eyed Doll came to the Concourse in support of their new album Witches just released March 24. Being an all-ages show, there was an 11 o’clock curfew. By the time the openers finished, One-Eyed Doll had about an hour. They certainly made the most of it. Lead singer Kimberly Freeman came on stage and introduced herself and Junior (aka Jason Sewell). She explained their concept album Witches that is based upon the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. Several lyrics are directly from hand written accounts of the event. She also explained the theory for the “witches” odd behaviors. A black mold had infected their rye and produced a byproduct which was hallucinogenic, somewhat like LSD. It was the subject of the song “Black in the Rye.” The first thing you notice is her almost child-like voice. How could she possibly deliver the gothic punk rock they’re known for? That’s the beauty of her performance. She pulls you in softly then crashes you down with her visceral vocals. Her stage persona is equally entertaining. She is all over the stage, out in the crowd, climbing on the drum set, legs kicking, and hair twirling. She is all energy. Kimberly plays a frenetic guitar, which is supported only by Junior’s aggressive drum play. They pull it off well, and you don’t even realize it’s just two making all the sound. They had several members of the audience on stage, complete with props for every song. She ended with “Monster,” then took a running dive over the drums into Junior’s arms. He carried her to the front stage where they took a bow. This is one the most entertaining live acts out there!






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