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CD REVIEW: FM – Heroes And Villains


Label: Frontiers Music

Release Date: April 21, 2015

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Opening with a killer drum sound and guitar riff that slowly makes itself known, the latest disc from FM is poised to take the rock world by storm.  “Digging Up The Dirt” opens with the aforementioned riff and heavy drumming that is soon joined by the bass, keyboards, and vocals, building the sound and the need to rock.  “You’re The Best Thing About Me” opens with a killer melodic rock sound that gives the disc a different texture.  The vocals remind me of a heavier Michael Bolotin (pre-ballad days and Bolton).  “Fire And Rain” is an off-tempo rocker that, while diverting from the path set forth by the songs that precede it in the disc, it doesn’t deviate from the melodic rock vibe of the disc.  “Call On Me” kicks in and the tempo drives the track, led by the rhythm section, but wrapped nicely by the guitars and keyboards.  The vocals are full and complete the sound, especially during the chorus.  “Shape I’m In” has cool organ and keyboards underneath more of the cool rock vocal track that is a part of every track on the disc.  The big chorus gives the song an anthemic feel that should go over well in a live setting.  “Somedays I Only Wanna Rock And Roll” is one of the better tracks on the disc, as it has all the best components from the other songs on this collection.  The vocals are full and play well against killer riffs, heavy and steady rhythm section, and keyboards that mix themselves in.

“Life Is A Highway” is another gem that opens with great fret work and a heavy rhythm section that anchors the track, when the vocals attempt to give this song the power of flight.  “Incredible” is the first ballad you stumble upon, but the vocals combined with the guitars and keyboards give this a full sound that is accentuated when the drums and bass jump into the fray, giving this a cool power ballad sound.  “Cold Hearted” has a cool vocal opening that soon morphs into a rocker, compliments of a cool organ/keyboard sound that gives the bass and guitars a run for their money.  The vocals soar on this track and keep the disc from sounding repetitive.  “Big Brother” has a chugging riff that duets nicely with a great rock sound from the keyboards and vocals.  The real strength is the heavy groove of the track that doesn’t drone from a heavy bottom end.  “I Want You” is a really good track that features a driving tempo and guitars that keep everything flowing.  The vocals jump into the chorus with both feet, along with the keyboards, giving the chorus and bridge a full sound.  Closing the disc with a ballad might be a risk, but “Walking  With Angels” features a beautiful acoustic guitar and more Bolton-like vocals combining with a bit of help and highlights from the keyboards.

TRACKLIST: Digging Up The Dirt – You’re The Best Thing About Me – Life Is A Highway – Fire And Rain – Incredible – Call On Me – Cold Hearted – Shape I’m In – Big Brother – Somedays I Only Want To Rock & Roll – I Want You – Walking With Angels





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  1. theodor says:

    Nice and fitting review ! Rate of 9 is high but absolutely faithful of this cd greatness !

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