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TEMPLE OF THIEVES – Passing Through The Zer0s

| 6 March 2013 | Reply


Label: Goomba Music

Release Date: May 7, 2013

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

The minute I hear death metal, I usually keep walking, but I was promised these former death metallers had pulled something together that was no where near their comfort zone.  I decided to take this one for a spin… 10 spins ago.  “In The Garden (Collecting Souls)” opens this disc and it starts off a little slow, but soon the guitar kicks in and joins the bass and drums.  Once the vocals kick in, it is apparent this isn’t anywhere close to death metal.  This is really good rock and roll, with a heavy bottom line.  ”

  • Reaping” is next and opens with a great riff and some killer rhythm section playing.  The vocals are a nice touch to the track, adding a little contrast to the music.  This is a cool modern rock track that should get lots of airplay.  “Soul Inside” is a mellower track than the last two, but it keeps within the framework of the disc so far.  This track really allows the musicians to play together and keep the music from running away with the track while allowing the vocals to soar and take the listener on a journey.  “Umbilical” picks the pace up a little with a funky groove underneath a cool riff.  This is another track that really shows the musical strength of the band.  The vocals and instruments are nicely balanced and allow each other to co-exist on this track.  “Parasite” jumps the tempo a bit from the last track and gets the head banging.  This has some of the greatest breakdowns on the disc and is probably one of the better tracks here.  The song weaves nicely from hard rock to metal and back.  “
  • Species” opens like most other tracks on the disc, but seems different somehow.  The vocals take a back seat in the arrangement, but the chugging guitar and bass line are so strong, you don’t care.  The drumming is great on this track as well.

  • End of Misery” is a slow tempo rocker that, while really different from the other tracks here, seems to mix nicely into the landscape of the disc.  It has a ballad feel, but that doesn’t seem right within the realm of this collection of songs.  “Mr. Hixx” kicks the door back open after the brief interlude of the last track.  The drumming is monster and keeps the song moving nicely.  This has a subdued vocal during the verse that allows the instruments to really lure the listener in and hook them.  There is something about this song that keeps you engaged.  “

The Discovery of Something Greater Than Kelsie Grammar” is is off-track as a song as the title might represent.  This has a very ethereal feel that keeps you guessing from the first note as to where this song is headed.  ”

  • Pull Me Under” is also very different than the rest of the disc, but has a great rock feel to the bridge and the vocals have an edge that is unlike some of the other tracks here.  The breakdown from the bass are full and bold on this track, as is the drumming.  This is one of the stronger tracks on the disc.  “Bullet In The Chamber” closes the disc out with the same rock hunger and prowess of the opening track.  The guitars work here is killer – the riffs are big, but the fretwork is subdued at points to accentuate the rest of the track.  The song is solid rock and adds another weapon to this bands arsenal.

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