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| 30 May 2013 | Reply

Label: Oglio Records
Released: February 2013
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Beatallica - Abbey Load CD

Originally published in Xpress Magazine 22 May 2013

The Beatallica ethos is pretty simple: Beatles songs played in a Metallica style. Whereas on previous releases they’ve constructed mostly mashups of the two bands (The Thing That Should Not Let It Be, And Justice For All My Loving, etc), Abbey Load sees mostly Beatles songs done as faithfully as they can be done – in the Metallica style, that is!

The downside of the game is that they are, essentially, a one joke pony – a funny joke, to be sure, but whether it holds up to repeated spins will depend on the listener’s tenacity and obsessiveness for either of the bands.

The upside is that it’s FUN. Come Together, Help!, Please, Please Me, She Came In Through The Bathroom Window, Carry That Weight, et al – they’re classics, hard coded into the Book Of Rock as much as the tablets handed down to Moses on Mount Sinai were integral to the entire ethos of the Christy church. It’s a hoot hearing them rearranged a la ‘Tallica and played with thrashy abandon.

The one proper mashup included is titled For Whom Michelle Tolls, and surely anyone with a cursory knowledge of both bands will know the songs this derives from. It’s enough to elicit a groan at the same time as a laugh, but despite the song being a bit messy in parts it slides through to home base on sheer brazen charm and don’t-give-a-toss attitude alone, and their version of the entire second half of Abbey Road is a triumphant, frenetic piece of talented fan double-worship, right down to the 14 second gap and the anarcho-sound experiment Her Majesty (which ‘Tallica fans will be amused to hear includes references to their much-criticised Lou Reed Collaboration Lulu)

Beatallica aren’t supposed to be taken seriously – they’re talented players with a sense of humour who are obviously in thrall to their two favourite bands, and they’re fun. End of story.

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