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| 25 February 2015 | Reply


Label: RCA Records

Release Date: February 17, 2015

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

When Elle King released her EP, I fell in love with her sound.  That love hasn’t faded with time while waiting for this full length release.  “Where The Devil Don’t Go” kicks this disc off with a cool groove that builds on the sounds from her earlier release.  The simple feel of guitars and vocals builds a moody track that seems to explode at the chorus.  “Ex’s & Oh’s” charges out of the gate with a solid tempo and feel from the rhythm section, anchoring the track and giving it a solid foundation that is expanded with Elle’s vocals at the chorus and bridge.  “Last Damn Night” has a funky groove, courtesy of a heavier bottom end, pounding drums, and fuzzy guitars that work together to get you from verse to verse and through a hooky chorus.  “Song Of Sorrow” is perplexing, as the sound and feel of the track aren’t sorrowful at all, but the lyrics seem to have an urgency to them that is heightened as Elle pushes her voice at the chorus and bridge.  “I Told You I Was Mean” features a sultry, smoky vocal from King that differs slightly from other tracks on the disc, but doesn’t stray too far from her repertoire.  “Jackson” gives the songwriter a lyrically meaningful tune that combines different sounds and vibes from other tracks and even tosses in a cool chugging guitar that seems to take control of the track at the pre-chorus and doesn’t let go.

“Under The Influence” is a fun track that slows things down and lets you absorb the beauty of Ms. King’s voice and writing abilities.  The lyrics are playful and meaningful at the same time.  The blending of the vocals and arrangement  at the chorus lift this song and give it a different feel.  “Kocaine Karolina” drags a different sound into the mix and allows Elle to spotlight the sound and textures of her vocals, as they blend with the banjo she strums solidly.  “America’s Sweetheart” is a cool track that comes out swinging and keeps the tempo up.  The vibe of this track, mixed with the lyrics and vocals, gives the disc a bit of depth, not to mention the attitude from King’s vocals and lyrics at the chorus and bridge that elevate this track.  “Ain’t Gonna Drown” has an opening that sets the mood for this track, and the song seems to travel down a dark path from opening to closing, never getting light or airy, even during the the chorus.  “Make you Smile” is a track that does just that.  The fun lyrics are made more fun with her simple delivery that mixes with a light rhythm section and guitars that help keep the song moving.  Disc closer “See You Again” takes on a serious sound and feel, from the opening guitar work to the melancholy vocal delivery.  This song, while demonstrating another side of the songwriters diversity, fits well within the structure of the other tracks.





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