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CD REVIEW: U.D.O. – Decadent

| 31 January 2015 | Reply


Label: AFM Records

Release Date: February 3, 2015

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Some bands experiment from release to release.  Others stick with formulas that worked for the last big release. Finally there is that category of artists that stick to what they do best and run with it from disc to disc.  The latter describes the latest collection from U.D.O.  “Speeder” opens the disc and gives the listener a glimpse into all the things that have made the man and band what they are: killer riffs wrapped around that familiar voice.  Title track “Decadent” follows and keeps the music at a breakneck pace while delivering some great guitar pings and squeals that accent the intro.  The rhythm section keeps this song on track, while the vocals rips the chorus to shreds.  “Mystery” opens with a different vibe than other tracks on the disc, but the chugging guitars that seem to duet with Udo’s vocals give the song – and disc – a bit of depth.  “Secrets In Paradise” is a mellow track that gives the band and namesake a moment to reflect and show off another side of their respective talents.  “Breathless” is a great track that brings the disc back to a classic rock sound that has been part of Udo’s legacy.  The simple guitars and heavy bass mixed with the raspy vocals that metalheads have come to know and love.  “Untouchable” brings back a crunchy guitar sound that chugs along and tosses in some great fretwork.  The vocals are perfectly matched to the tempo and groove of the track.

“House Of Fake” is a guitarists dream come to life.  The riffs seem to leap through the speakers and grab your attention before a single note is sung.  The drumming also adds to the mix and gives the track a heavy sound.  “Pain” comes alive thanks to guitar work that mingles nicely with an energetic rhythm section, anchored by longtime bass player Fitty Wienhold.  The breakdown at the bridge is a new addition to Udo’s arsenal and a nice change of pace.  “Meaning Of Life” comes out of the chute firing on all cylinders.  The twin guitar attack blends nicely and gives the vocals room to run, especially at the chorus and bridge.  “Under Your Skin” is another classic sounding track from Udo and his band.  The guitars are modern with hints and nods back to metal of the 80’s.  “Rebels Of The Night” rips the sound barrier down and comes at you from first note to last.  The guitars chug in the back ground, adding cool solos that dance behind the vocals, relentless drums, and pounding bass.  Disc closer “Words In Flame” is a different track that ties most of the tracks together, with a mellow introduction that soon morphs into a classic rock groove supported by great guitars and a heavy rhythm section.  Once the vocals join the mix, the song  takes on a life of its own.





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