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| 26 November 2014 | 1 Reply


Label: Atlantic Records

Release Date: November 17, 2014

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

In This Moment has grown and morphed with each album, and their latest is no different.  “The Infection” starts this disc off with sound effects and mood setting noise.  “Sex Metal Barbie” drops in and we are treated to the next sound and growth spurt from the band.  This track takes on a darker sound and feel, almost blending the bands heavy metal sound with a techno or electronic sound.  This extension of the last disc is a positive change.  “Dirty Pretty” builds on the sound of the other tracks, but gives us flashes of a more electronic sound than most on the collection.  This is what I imagine if In This  Moment were to collaborate with Marilyn Manson.  The catchy chorus should make this a killer addition to the bands live set.  Shinedown’s Brent Smith joins the fray on “Sexual Hallucination.”  This track sounds nothing like anything else on the collection and seems to be the bands lone ballad-like composition on the disc.  Hearing the eerie vocal play between Brent and Brink take this song to a new place and give it a sexually tense vibe.  “Bloody Creature Poster Girl” is standard ITM fare, with Maria giving the song a lighter feeling with vocals that move between that of a younger girl and full-blown woman.  The guitars and other sounds are well anchored by the heavy rhythm section.  “Bones” leans to the heavier side and demonstrates not only where the band is headed, but also leans a bit into the past with the heavier lead vocals from Maria, guitar work from Chris Howarth, and a dark lyric.  A musical and effect interlude, “Into The Darkness” leads the disc in another direction, giving it an almost scary feel and vibe with noise and Maria’s cries, sobs, and speaking.

“Big Bad Wolf” is a bit heavier and on the electronic side, but the pounding bass from Travis Johnson and heavy drums courtesy of Tom Hane build a killer background and anchor for this track that really gives Maria room to spread her wings and show another side of her vocal talents.  “Black Widow” is reminiscent of the Alice Cooper track of the same name, in that is opens with someone discussion the habits of the arachnoid, but that is where the similarities end.  This version features killer guitars wrapped around gritty vocals and a heavy bottom end.  Lead off single “Sick Like Me” builds on the sound of the bands previous singles.  Ever growing in their sound and production, Maria, Chris, and the rest of the guys really turned it up a notch this time out.  The heavy twin guitar attack from Howorth and Randy Weitzel accentuate the track from beginning to end.  Brinks’ vocals are better and stronger than the last outing.  “The Fighter” seems like a track lost in the mixture of this disc; the mellow track opens with a mild groove that builds slowly throughout the track, especially at the chorus.  This song gives the disc a little depth and maturity.  “Natural Born Sinner” blends the new direction and sound of the band with material that is similar to that of songs from their last release, Blood.  Working with Kevin Churko seems to agree with the bands sound and chemistry on these new tracks.  “Out Of Hell” makes one wonder if the band has already hit on a theme and sound for the next disc or if they were looking to change it up slightly on this release.  The piano and vocal duet is unlike anything the band has done previously, but is a great addition to their musical arsenal.





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