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CD REVIEW: CROBOT – Something Supernatural

| 20 November 2014 | Reply


Label: Wind-up Records

Release Date: October 28, 2014

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I love when new music hits my inbox – especially when it is from a band new to me.  “Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer” kicks Crobot’s latest release kicks off with a great rock groove, with hints of psychedelic overtones, which will become a recurring theme throughout the disc.  “Nowhere To Hide” opens with a cool guitar riff that morphs into great marriage of guitars, bass, drums, and vocals.  The song flows nicely, despite it seemingly disjointed rhythm.  “La Mano De Lucifer” has a cool jam groove that opens the song, enhanced by the vocals and light drum fills behind the guitar.  When the bass line kicks in, the song turns into a cool heavy track that gives the disc a little depth and diversity.  “Cloud Spiller” comes out swinging with heavy drums, a solid bass, and fun guitar riffs.  The vocals are icing on this cake – the tones of the vocals on this song nicely accentuate the musical backdrop.  “Night Of The Sacrifice” is a heavier track that puts the killer drumming out front in the mix, along with the guitars.  The vocals and bass come along for the ride, but really take a backseat to the guitar-drum duet.  Disc closer “Queen Of The Light” is different than other tracks on this disc due to its mellow guitar and vocal opening, but once the bass and drum join the fray at the chorus, the band merges and gives the disc a solid final track that prompts another run through the release.

“The Necromancer” has a great harmonica opening that helps the track take the laid-back psychedelic feel and give it a bluesy-rock edge that permeates a few of the songs on this release.  The vocals and strong rhythm help make this rocker amongst the best on the disc.  “Skull Of Geronimo” opens with feedback and guitars, that are soon accompanied by some of the best vocals on the disc.  The rhythm section pounds the hell out of the chorus and bridge, with strong drumming and bass lines.  “Fly On The Wall” is a solid track that gives the band a little wiggle room in blending the different sounds and textures from other tracks to create a cool song that runs from mellow to heavy during the verses and  choruses.  “Chupacabra” is a song that seems as hard to pin down as the mythical creature.  The thumping bass and chugging guitar lead the charge, while the vocals help tie the two diverse sounds together.  “Wizards” has a great vibe from opening to closing notes.  The guitar work is phenomenal and some of the best on the disc.  The chugging riffs laid against other guitar fun set this song apart and give it a great flow.  The rhythm section and vocals enhance the track, but the guitar is the star here.





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