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| 31 October 2014 | 1 Reply


Label: Lava / Universal Republic Records

Release Date: October 27, 2014

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

There are albums that I wait for with tons of anticipation and high expectations and love when they deliver.  The latest from Black Veil Brides has been at the top of my want list from the first rumblings online and on October 27th, the goods were released.  “Heart Of Fire” opens this disc with killer guitar riffs and a heavy C.C. back beat that sets the pace for the rest of the disc.  The vocals kick in and even thrown in the occasional scream reminiscent of their older material and the puzzle is complete.  This song is all BVB, from the familiar catchy chorus to the twin guitar attack.  “Faithless” follows and keeps the energy up and the rock hard.  The guitars, courtesy of Jake Pitts and Jinxx, come at you fast and furious, but in a more streamline rock vibe.  The drums  are aggressive and punchy, giving the song an edgy, full sound.  The vocals are some of Andy’s best, especially when he merges the verses and the chorus.  The bridge features chugging guitars, a heavy rhythm section, and a cool guitar solo.  “Goodbye Agony” is a mellow track that opens with a heavy groove accented by Ashley Purdy’s steady bass lines, but quickly turns into a cool ballad-like track that gives us another look at the whole band as musicians, not just rockers.  “Last Rites” is a solid rocker that gives the band an “old school” rock sound.  The opening riff sounds like a late 80’s piece, while the rest of the track comes straight at you with no filler, tricks, or flare, just solid playing, singing… oh yeah, and a killer solo amongst the cool vocals.  “Walk Away” is a lofty track that stretches the bands ability and range.  Biersack’s softer vocals and the piano opening are new territory, but soon the guitars, bass, and drums kick in, but unlike anything the band has demonstrated in the past.  This song allows the guys to show off their talent and not disguise themselves with loud guitars, a heavy rhythm section or twisted vocals. This is one of the most diverse and best tracks they have recorded to date.

“Devil In The Mirror” is a great track that marries a lot of the different things the band does well, from the furious tempo to the big solos and pounding bass lines.  The vocals are lofty and build from verse to chorus and through the bridge.  The different guitar tones add depth to the track at different points giving this a nice twist compared to other songs in the bands catalog.  “World Of Sacrifice” comes out of the gate full speed with a growl and Christian Coma’s skin pounding leading the charge.  The guitars are crunchy and full and blend well with the rhythm sections steady bottom end.  The vocals are layered and compliment the songs changing sounds and tempos.  “Stolen Omen” has a great bass and drum opening that gets heavy and gives us a slight look back at where the band has come from and then a look forward at where these guys are headed once Biersack’s vocals kick in.  Another nod to the past pops up during the pre-chorus when Andy flexes his growling muscles.  The different vocal textures in this track give the song a cool mix of the bands influences and origins as well as their current trend towards mainstream rock.  “Drag Me To The Grave” has a cool punk feel to it that blends chugging riffs, pounding drums, another thumping Purdy bass line and killer lead vocals.  The result is a cool rocker that should go over well in a live scenario, providing the BVB Army with a new anthem that should get millions of raised fists in the air pumping in unison.  “The Shattered God” returns to a more aggressive sounding BVB, with wailing solos and full drums that accentuate the heavy bass.  The vocals come in and work as an adhesive, gluing the different pieces together to create another great track that gives the band another solid track in its arsenal.  “Crown Of Thorns” closes the disc with a rocker that won’t soon be forgotten by those that hear it!  The song has the markings of vintage Brides while nodding toward their influences and peers.  The guitar work from Jinxx and Pitts standout on this killer track, as does the bridge that is unlike those on other tracks here.  Once again, these guys have outdone themselves and added another gem to their rock crown – let the haters hate… this is killer rock from one of today’s best and brightest and will definitely please the millions that call themselves the BVB Army.

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