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| 16 September 2014 | Reply


Label: Tragic Hero Records

Release Date: August 26, 2014

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Mike Hubbard

I wasn’t prepared for this.  I have no idea why, but when I first heard that there was a new metalcore band from Texas releasing their debut full length I fully expected another cookie cutter, well executed, but uninspiring release.  Instead, what I got was 37 minutes of on the edge of my seat, ever-changing (pun intended) hard-core bliss.

Everchanger was released by Tragic Heroes records on August 28.  Produced and engineered by Brian Hood with assistance from ERRA guitarist/vocalist Jesse Cash, Everchanger introduces Invent, Animate to the world in a powerful way.  Had I not known better I would have thought that the band had been releasing full lengths for years.  The sound is polished, but not sterile.  The technical expertise of the band is evident, but not thrown in your face out of context of the song structure.  The sound is hard, but not to the point your ears bleed.  It took bands like Architects (Hollow Crown) and Bring Me The Horizon (Sempiturnal) 3-4 full lengths to release something as balanced, brutal, and beautiful as Everchanger.

Let’s start with the work of vocalist Ben English.  His range of vocal stylings is impressive.  The track ‘Nocturne: Lost Faith’ highlights that range, from soft cleans to the harshest growls imaginable.  Moving from the front of the band to the back, drummer Trey Celeya provides the arrhythmatic pulse that throws everything at the listener short of a straight 4/4 backbeat.  To me, the drums stand out on every track, although ‘Eventide’ is a great example of his prowess.  Caleb Sherraden’s bass moves right along with Celeya, underpinning the riffing of guitarists Logan Forrest and Keaton Goldwire.  The guitars really stand out on ‘Forest Haven’, moving from heavy riffing to atmospheric arpeggios, throwing in some jazz for good measure.  The ten track full length is fittingly book ended by ‘Sol’ (sun) and ‘Luna’ (moon), which are arguable two of the best on the disc.

I’ve been listening to Everchanger on repeat for hours, and each listen brings a greater appreciation for this stellar debut.  Fans of Architects will definitely dig Invent, Animate, as will any fan of melodic hardcore or the harder end of the metalcore spectrum.

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