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SHAKRA – PowerPlay

| 16 January 2013 | Reply


Label: AFM Records

Release Date: January 29, 2013

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

It seems melodic flavored rock is once again on the rise.  Adding power to the equation just may result in something even better – just like the new disc from Shakra.  “Life Is Now” gets the disc started in great fashion.  The pounding drums and soaring guitars combined with anthemic lyrics creates a great starting point.  “Higher” is next and it brings a searing guitar riff and great vocals.  This is a great follow up to the opening track.  “The Mask” has a crunchy guitar intro that evolves into a song that deviates slightly from the last couple, but the vocals are spot on and matched well to the track.  “Wonderful Life” is a really good ballad that tears back the rock and shows us the softer side of the band.  Don’t let the acoustic guitars fool you, this song rocks when the rhythm section kicks in at the chorus and bridge.  “Dear Enemy” turns the volume and energy back up with guitar work that makes the song.  The riff is rock guitar goodness.  “Save You From Yourself” has a cool intro that builds into a great song.  The vocals build and the tempo chugs along, building into a great arena style track.

“Don t Keep Me Hanging” has a different feel to it, in that the drums are going 100 m.p.h. and the vocals seems to be pushed a little.  It is a good track, just not as good as some of the earlier tracks.  “Stevie” follows and has the same tempo, but the vocals are well matched and keeps the song from leaving the track set forth by the rest of the disc.  “Dream Of Mankind” is a return to the songs set forth earlier; solid guitar work, pounding drums and bass lines, and vocals that enhance the track.  “Because Of You” is another track that feels like it deviates from the rest of the disc, but it is really good and adds a little dimension to the band.  “Secret Hideaway” opens up and rocks from the first chord.  The vocals lead the track and the music follows nicely.  The chorus is big and has a good vibe to it.  I would be remiss in failing to mention the guitars.  Listen closely for squeals, pings, and soaring notes that show just how good the guitars are.  “Too Good To Be True” is an odd choice to end the disc with.  This ballad is well constructed and played.  The vocals are great and the lyrics are heartfelt.  This is a bound to get a few lighters raised when played live.  I guess maybe it wan’t a bad choice to close the disc with after all.


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