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CD REVIEW: EVERGREY – Hymns For The Broken

| 29 September 2014 | 1 Reply


Label: AFM Records

Release Date: September 30, 2014

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Symphonic metal seems to be making a resurgence right now, with new releases and tours popping up frequently, including the latest release from Evergrey.  “The Awakening” is a cool intro that doesn’t prepare you for what is about to come, but sets the mood.  “King Of Errors” is a great track that features chugging guitars and solid playing from the rhythm section that blends well with the vocals and creates a cool atmosphere for the disc.  “Wake A Change” is a great song that leans to the softer side, but still has an edge and strength that one can typically expect from this band.  The guitar solo sets the song apart from other mellow tracks in the bands catalog.  “Barricades” has a great drum and guitar duet that kick the track off.  The song comes charging full speed ahead when the bass and keyboards jump into the mix and set the stage for an ethereal vocal track that sets this apart from others on the disc.  “The Fire” is exactly that – this song charges out of the gate like a hellion on fire.  The drums and bass anchor the track with speed and aggression that seems to fade during the verse, but if you listen, that killer drum track is alive throughout the track.  “Missing You” is a full out ballad that relies heavily on the vocals and keyboard, but adds depth to the release, as it is completely different from anything else on the disc.

“A New Dawn” continues the charge of other other tracks and gives the disc a song that blends the chugging guitar along with the heavy bass lines and pounding drums to create a heavy vibe early on the disc.  “Archaic Rage” comes along and blends more keyboard into the mix than some of the earlier tracks on the disc, but not to any detriment of this collection.  The mellow vocals in the opening are calming and play well against the aforementioned keyboards.  “Black Undertow” carries a ballad feel through most of the track, mostly due to the vocals.  The song gains momentum and gets heavy, but something about the vocals keeps this song light and the soaring solo seems to keep the track tempered a bit.  The title track “Hymns For The Broken” has a different feel to it that gives the disc a different texture, but plays well against the diversity of the other tracks.  The vocals are emotive and offset the straight forward sound of the instrumentation.  “The Grand Collapse” is a heavier track that lends itself to allowing each instrument showcase, from heavy bass to chugging guitar and from drums that offer time changes and fills to keyboards that shift from light to heavy and vocals that cover the spectrum as well.  “The Aftermath” closes the disc out with a mid-tempo track that seems to pull some of the best facets from each of the preceeding tracks and merges them into one package.

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  1. John says:

    Awesome disc, awesome band!

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