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100% ROCK MAGAZINE – Annual Donations Drive

| 1 August 2017 | Reply

100% ROCK MAGAZINE needs YOU!!

Thanks to all our rocking readers for helping us rack up a massive THIRTEEN & A HALF MILLION web hits over the past five years: it’s been an incredible ride publishing some EIGHT THOUSAND interviews, reviews, features and news articles, and have so many of you return and keep reading.

Unfortunately, despite all our hard work, time and personal expense, 100% ROCK MAGAZINE doesn’t actually earn much income – despite helping all these artists and creators publicise their music, tours, books, movies, and more.


We want to continue to share as many interviews and reviews as we can manage, so you – our readers – can discover new bands, new releases, new books, new films, new information about the artists you love.

If everyone visiting 100% ROCK MAGAZINE from 7th to 14th August donated $10, we would have enough to sustain us for another year. That’s payments for our tireless voluntary contributors; website hosting and management; graphic design and much more (which all comes out of our pocket at the moment).

Every cent goes back into 100% ROCK MAGAZINE to create more content for you – bigger artists, more exclusives, and bonuses for our loyal readers.

If you’ve enjoyed an interview or review we’ve written, please think about donating $5 (or more if you can afford it) – or the equivalent in Pounds, Krone, Lira, Euro, Rupiah, Yen or whatever – to our Paypal account .

As a band or author, please consider throwing us a thankyou if you appreciate a review we’ve done that got your work out to a wider audience.

As a record label, tour promoter, publisher or publicist, please consider the same, or think about our ultra-competitive advertising rates, or even a site-takeover sponsorship arrangement for a week or two. Read our rates HERE.

Everyone who donates from 7th to 14th August will have their name (or nickname, band name or business name if preferred) added to our FIRST ANNUAL DONATIONS DRIVE HONOUR ROLL. Everyone who donates is also welcome to suggest content – if we can make it happen, we will – just for you! We’ll also draw a prize of goodies at random on the 14th – books, CDs, whatever else we have lying around the office! Everyone who donates automatically goes in the running.

Every little bit helps us stay strong, and provide a better service for YOU!



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