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LIVE: THE JACKSONS – JUNE 12, 2014, Detroit, MI @ Sound Board in Motor City Casino

| 21 June 2014 | Reply

Venue: Sound Board in Motor City Casino

City: Detroit, MI

Date: June 12, 2014

Review by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur (



Seeing a legend perform is always a great time, but when you see a group of legends on stage and hear familiar songs that take you back through your life time, it is that much better.  When those legends are Motown icons The Jacksons and they take the stage in Detroit, magic is going to happen.  As the smoky mist filled the air and the lights dimmed across a packed Sound Board Theater inside the Motor City Casino, the anticipation of what was to come took over.  A montage of Jacksons songs and video filled the venue and soon it happened – Jermaine, Jackie, Marlon, and Tito hit the stage, filing in from behind their band and taking their places up front.  The band was more than capable and moved seemlessly through a set that included all of the hits you could ask for.  Hearing the foursome take on the historical tracks, in addition to several hits from brother Michael’s catalog, was excitement from opening note until the last note reverberated through the venue.  The lighting was used to create atmosphere, while the music told the stories of The Jacksons, as a group and individually.  This evening was one of memories – past and present – for most everybody int he house, performers and audience alike.  The homage paid to Michael through video and performance of his songs was a beautiful piece that demonstrated not only the strength of his legacy, but the love of brothers.  These brothers brought love to Detroit tonight… love for each other, love for their history, and love for their fans.  Each smile, from the stage was mirrored by hundreds from the crowd.  This is going to be a hard show to top… I pity the next performer to grace the Sound Board stage.


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