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CD REVIEW: MACH 22 – Sweet Talk Intervention


Label: Independent Release

Release Date: May 6, 2014

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

So many bands try to bring back the hair metal feel and sound of the 80’s, but so few achieve.  Mach 22 is another band that has given its best shot, but this band succeeds and does this while keeping the sound fresh.  “Constant Denier” opens the disc with cool riffs, drums, and vocals that ooze attitude of an era gone by.  The pings and squeals are aplenty and spot on.  Continuing in the same vein, “Go Ahead” comes at you with all cylinders rev’d up and ready to race.  The guitars, along with the rhythm section, keep this song chugging along.  “I’m Just A Man” has a funk rhythm that opens the track, but the guitars soon twist the track back to rock and give it a push in the right direction.  The drums and bass on this track, courtesy of Damian MonteCarlo and Jaron Gulino respectively, add depth to the disc.  “Made To Love” is a Mach 22 take on the ballad.  This track is gentle and loving at is base, except for the fuck me groove underneath the vocals, thanks to the guitar tandem of Sebastian LeBar and Ted Merrill, as well as the sexy bass line.  “One Trick Pony” is anything but.  With its laid back intro with vocals that seem higher in tone than others, this song lulls you into a safe place, but then kicks the door open at the chorus and gives you a blues-tinged look at the band.

“Don’t You Give Me” keep the past intact while adding a current feel to the track.  The Lamont Caldwell’s vocals standout on this track, while the guitars and bass keep everything steady and solid.  “Stone Rose” gives us a different look at the band and their talents.  This ballad gives the vocals room to stretch, while adding fun riffs and a cool solo from LeBar.  “Backslider” brings the energy and injects balls and attitude back into the groove of this disc.  The vocals and guitar are furious and work well together on this track.  “Radio” has a rock vibe that kicks in from the first note and carries until the last.  The guitar effects are cool and the vocals add fun to an already great track.  This track keeps everything in check.  “Nevermind” closes the disc with guns blazing.  The guitars are charged up, the bass and drums, keeping perfect time, and the vocals keeping up and leading the band through its paces.  This disc oozes rock, rhythm, and blues.  I cannot wait to see what these guys do next – it should be a wild ride!

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