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Label: Razor & Tie Records

Release Date: March 18, 2014

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

You never know what to expect when an actress puts together a band and steps behind a microphone.  What you can expect from the latest offering, Going To Hell, from Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless is an excellent rock album that will vie for the top spot when the tally is done at the end of the year.  “Follow Me Down” kick starts the album with moaning and sirens that morphs into chugging riffs and killer drums.  This is a welcome introduction to the new more rock approach the band takes on this disc.  Songs like “Going to Hell” and “Sweet Things” keep the energy and attitude dialed up, while delivering a killer rock track.  On the former, the vocals, even when toned down during the bridge, are well match the guitar and the killer drumming on this track.  The latter features lyrics and vocals that lean to the dirtier, sultrier side, even featuring a duet with guitarist Ben Phillips.  “Why’d You Bring A Shotgun To The Party” is another track that has a heavy rock groove and an edgier sound.  The chorus is made for a live scenario and should be cause for a venue full of fists pounding the air.  “Heaven Knows” departs from the vibe of the last two tracks without losing its rock edge.  The anthemic chorus and killer vocal delivery keep this song, and the disc, on the right track.  “Fucked Up World” is all balls and full of piss and vinegar.  This track is exactly what this disc needed to give it that additional kick in the ass as it neared the end.  The lyrics are as edgy and fun as the music.

“House on a Hill” is a beautiful track that allows Momsen to actually spread her vocal chords and demonstrate the beauty and talent behind the hype.  This track shows how diverse the band can be without losing focus on the end result.  “Blame Me” keeps the rock on the easier side, without going soft, with the lead vocals guiding the track and allowing the rest of the band to follow along.  “Dear Sister” is a slight diversion that features Taylor’s vocals and a cool guitar interlude that lead nicely into “Absolution.”  This track, without going overboard, adds dimension to the disc with its straight-forward rock attitude and sound.  The lead vocals are rough enough to satisfy rockers, while the chorus and bridges are toned enough to satiate any listener.  “Burn” is another cool piece that features Momsen’s vocals set against an acoustic guitar.  This track allows the lead singer to really apply her talent without getting caught up in the rock n’ roll vocals trap.  “Waiting For a Friend” brings the disc to a close with style and grace.  This track, while mellow and toned down, nicely wraps up the vibe of the disc and allows the Taylor and Ben to once again demonstrate there are no one-trick ponies here.

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