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BOOK REVIEW: Storming The Eagle’s Nest – Hitler’s War In The Alps by Jim Ring

| 4 January 2014

Storming The Eagle’s Nest – Hitler’s War In The Alps by Jim Ring
Faber $39.99
1 October 2013
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Storming The Eagles Nest by Jim Ring - Book

Ring delivers an exciting and thorough history of World War II that revolves around the Alps that form the epicentre of Switzerland and wind down through France, Italy, Austria and Yugoslavia, painting a picture of how crucial the mountain range was to the plans of all sides of the conflict, and also to the eventual downfall of Hitler’s Germany.

The English historian paints an excellently researched and minutely detailed picture of Hitler’s alpine retreat where he conceived his plans for European domination and the conception of ‘Fortress Europa’, whereby the mountain range would be the key defence line that would help him retain his iron hold on the continent, the key to his defeat came not from without, but from within.

Put simply, in his megalomaniacal frenzy, he stretched Germany too thinly. If he had never turned his eye to invading England or Russia, and never declared insane genocide upon the Jewish people, if he had been content to govern an empire across Germany, Poland, Austria, Italy and France, and trusted in the Alps to be the defensive heart of that empire, than he and his dynasty may still rule Europa today.

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