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SPiT LiKE THiS have a new bloody video – Dead To Me Now!

| 20 January 2014 | Reply

Some weeks one feature video just ain’t enough, so to join The Devil Rides Out’s samurai epic Empty Sky, may we present SPiT LiKE THiS with their revolting, blood-splattered, gore-fest Dead To Me Now.

Spit Like This - Dead To Me Now

The band have teamed up with B-Movie horror director David VG Davies for the video for Dead To Me Now, taken from their most recent Normalityville Horror album. Shot on a warm English day last summer, the video features blood, gore, torture – all done in the best possible taste, singer  Zion explains:
“We were looking for a willing victim to be caged up throughout our performance and then cut up.  Mine and Vikki’s tattooist, Sophie, kindly volunteered!  After all the pain she has caused us over the years, the tables finally turned…”
Zion and bassist Vikki are currently wrapping their own first movie, a B-Zombie flick called Meet The Cadavers. In the meantime, get yer blood on, with Dead To Me Now…

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