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SHIT THE COW – Salt Of The Earth EP

| 30 September 2013 | Reply

August 2013
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Shit The Cow - Salt Of The Earth EP

Swedes Shit The Cow (I shit you not) are back with their second EP, this time bolstered from the two piece core of their debut (Reviewed here) to a four piece with Erik Rosenberg and Robin Lindqvist added on guitar/bass and drums respectively.

Daniel Kjellberg and Peter Soderberg are still driving the Shit The Cow truck, and this EP again marries punk, metal, hard rock and post punk into a bonfire of noise.

From The Decline Of Western Civilisation’s grinding riff and distant vocals, through 1 2 3 Boom’s Clashy assault and Monte Carlo’s Stooges-like garage dirge, Shit The Cow are dancing to the beat of their own drum and making an interesting racket while they’re at it.

Closer More Apologies lashes sad Nirvana hate to the bonnet of their punky art rock truck and drives it into a snow drenched forest, never to be seen again – at least until the next time these four share some more studio love with us.

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