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CD Review: LULLWATER – Lullwater

| 21 August 2013 | Reply


Label: Independent

Release Date: September 17, 2013

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar “Jolicoeur

There seems to be a run on solid rock right now.  “Oddline” kicks off the debut from Lullwater in the right direction.  The song has a slight Seattle / 90’s feel to it, but that soon shifts to just a great rock song with cool riffs, cool rhythm, and even cooler vocals.  “New Design” gives off the same 90’s vibe as the previous track, but this one stays a little closer to the edge between yesterday and today.  The guitar work is great and plays well against the vocals.  The drumming on this track adds depth.  “Blind” opens up with a nice groove and riff that slowly builds into a great rock track.  The earthy vocals over top the music really gives the song a different feel from the previous tracks.  “The Dream” has a slightly fuzzy feel to it that really nods its head to the past without getting lost in the influences.  The vocals and guitar build nicely together while the bass keeps things anchored nicely in the bottom end.  The song adds a little depth to the disc.  “Albatross” is a bit different from the other tracks, as it seems faster and has a punk feel to it.  The guitar solos are cool and enhance the sound and the pace of the track.  “Got A Life” brings the tempo back down and has a mellow groove that is supported by the vocals and the rhythm section.  The bass and drums keep this song moving along.  “Tug Of War” brings the different components of the disc together and mixes them up on this track.  The fuzzy guitars mixed with solos and the vocals that seem to shift gears help make this track stand apart from some of the others here.

“Curiosity” starts off with a laid back vibe, but something about the track really grabs you and gets under your skin.  The vocals are low energy and play well against the guitars.  This is one of the better tracks on the disc.  “A Plane” keeps the vibe a little relaxed, but the vocals aren’t as melancholy on his track, giving it a different feel.  The guitars follow the lead and are a bit more infused and energetic than the last track.  “Walk On By” gives you another facet of the bands talent.  The song has the feel of a classic love track from the 50’s or 60’s (similar to Pearl Jam’s ‘Last Kiss’).  The guitars have a cool sound that is missing from a lot of music today.  “Home” brings us back to what we have become accustomed to on this disc.  The vocals are cool and the guitars click right along.  The drums and bass add to this track and keep the good times rolling along.  “Waste Yourself” is another moody rocker that has a cool earthy tone to it.  The guitars and vocals duet nicely again while the rhythm section keeps everything in check.  The vocals get the spotlight briefly during the chorus.  “Hello” is one of the moodier tracks on the disc.  The vocals really keep this one afloat.  The guitars kick in and give the song another dimension at times.  The song is an odd choice to close the disc, but it does give you another peak into the bands abilities.

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