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Book – William Shakespeare’s Star Wars by Ian Doescher

| 9 August 2013 | Reply

Random House Books
1 August 2013, $22.95 rrp
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

William Shakespeares Star Wars book

George Lucas’s epic tale of good versus evil is proven to be just that – a classic in the finest tradition of the word, once translated into the iambic pentameter poetry of The Bard of Avon by Ian Doescher in this officially sanctioned mash-up, and it works a charm.

Everyone knows the story, of course, but in case you’ve been living on an asteroid for a few decades and are unfamiliar, Star Wars chronicles the saga of good Jedi knight Luke Skywalker as he battles the evil Sith lord Darth Vader and the oppressive Empire, along the way discovering his own destiny and a rag tag group of friends and sidekicks. Hijinks and dramatic battles ensue, all of which are faithfully delivered in Shakespearean dialogue.

I’m unsure what the percentage crossover of Star Wars and Shakespeare fans is, but surely there will be enough of a mutually inclusive group to justify this book’s existence.

Packaged in hard cover with around twenty lavish Elizabethan illustrations, fans of the bard should find the timeless story gripping, and fans of the movies will enjoy the humour of droids and Wookies talking olde world-style. Of particular delight are R2-D2’s asides to the reader, and Chewbacca’s growls given voice.

An instant cult classic.


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