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U.D.O. – Best of and Live From Russia Anniversary Editions

Label: AFM Records

Release Date: April 9, 2013

Rating: 9/10 (Best Of) and 8/10 (Live From Russia)

Reviewed by: ToddStar

More discs from the anniversary releases from U.D.O. hit my desk along with the latest release (don’t worry, that will get its own review in due time).  Udo has one of those voices and musical styles that cries out metal.  From the first time I heard “Balls To The Wall,” I knew this guy would put out releases that drew in the metal fans across the globe and through the years.  These releases show the staying power of Udo’s solo legacy here in 2013.    The Best of features all of the best hits from six of the singers solo discs.  For good measure, a previously unreleased track (as of 1999) is thrown in to make the collection that much sweeter.  The songs demonstrate what was great about metal back in the 80’s and what this man brought to the scene.  I am not a guy who listens to live recordings for the most part (with the exception of the various KISS Alive releases).  I am not sure what it is, but the sound of a live recording just doesn’t seem to grab me.  The songs on this collection are really strong and a great representation of the catalog Udo has as a solo artist.  The best sounds tight and wraps nicely around the vocals as recorded on this, Udo’s first live disc.


Best of, UDO’s first hits collection is being reissued with its original tracklisting, artwork, and liner notes.

Tracklist: Animal House – Break The Rules – Heart Of Gold – Two Faced Woman – Metal Eater – Desperate Balls – Future Land – Independence Day – They Want War – In The Darkness – Freelance Man – No Limits – Timebomb – Lovemachine – I’m A Rebel – Faceless World – The Key


Live From Russia, Udo’s first live disc is being reissued for the anniversary in it’s original format, with tons of photos in the liner notes.


Disc 1: Holy – Raiders of Beyond – Midnight Mover – Independence Day – Metal Eater – Protectors of Terror – Animal House – Turn Me On – Drum Solo – T.V. War – No Limits – Run If You Can – Winter Dreams – In the Darkness

Disk 2: Like a Loaded Gun – Recall the Sin – Break the Rules – Midnight Highway – Heaven Is Hell – Monster Man – Living on a Frontline – Heart of Gold – Shout It Out – Cut Me Out – I’m A Rebel – They Want War

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