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SUICIDE BOMBERS – Criminal Record

| 1 May 2013 | Reply

Suicide Records
June 2012
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Suicide Bombers - Criminal Record CD

“From the future, 4 intergalactic superstars were sent back through time, on a mission from the lightning gods, to single handedly resurrect the bleeding corpse of rock n’ roll”

So starts the intro to this dynamic album full of sleaze rock anthems and rabble rousing homages to a life of decadent sybaritic indulgence.

Whilst chock full of good, hard-rocking tunes, Criminal Record lacks that little push over the top of the trenches alongside a hundred other good bands. Where Let’s Rock n’ Roll is great fun, it isn’t exactly exciting, reminding the listener of a ton of other sons (and daughters) of Guns n’ Roses.

The good news is… that’s the only downside to the album! Fans of sleazy rock n’ roll who aren’t necessarily looking for a reinvention of the wheel will have a drunken riot with Criminal Record (and may even earn one of their own!)

There’s melody galore throughout the album, with Napalm Heart, Smoke & Mirrors and Teenage Breakdown being especially catchy, and there’s nothing here which wouldn’t make a fantastic night played live in your favourite sweat-soaked den of iniquity.

Having said that, one assumes they have no ambitions to tour outside of their native Oslo, such would be the likelihood of them ending up with a one-way ticket to Guantanamo Bay with a name like Suicide Bombers!!

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