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PURSON – The Circle And The Blue Door


Label: Metal Blade Records / Rise Above Records

Release Date: April 30, 2013

Rating: 8.5

Reviewed by: ToddStar

What the hell is ‘Vaudeville Carny Psych’ and what does it sound like?  Well, take the debut from Purson for a spin and you just may find out.  “Wake Up Sleepy Head” is a cool track that kicks the disc off in a different direction from the last few CDs I have reviewed.  The vocals are cool and the music is subdued enough that you aren’t sure yet how this listening session in going to turn out.  “The Contract” has a cool psychedelic rock feel to it that keeps the motion from the first track moving forward.  The band plays well and is a great accompaniment to the vocals.  “Spiderwood Farm” continues the vibe from the previous track.  The music is cool and features some tempo changes as well as some different textures buried in the track.  The vocals are a bit eerie at times, but are well matched to the music.  “Sailor’s Wife’s Lament” features the first hint of vaudeville carny sounds.  The use of different sounds help this song stand out, despite the fact that this song is a bit tame compared to the previous tracks.  This is one of the better tracks here, and reminds me of something Emilie Autumn would have written and performed.  “Leaning on a Bear” brings a little more energy to the table and features some cool organ.  The song has a heavy groove that relies on the psychedelic feel of the disc and comes across as a more emotionally driven track than some of the others.  “Tempest and the Tide” is another song that keeps the same groove intact, but with less impact than some of the other tracks on the disc.  The tempo is a bit slower and less impactful.

“Mavericks and Mystics” picks up the pace and allows the band to stretch a little, with some great guitar riffs, drum fills, and interludes from the keyboard instruments.  The vocals are also a little more driven on this track and mix with the others to create a great track that gets the toes tapping.  “Well Spoiled Machine” has a slightly different feel to it, but it is the same.  The vocals seem a bit more constrained, but lead the charge.  The change in tones, tempo, and range make this song differ from what has come before it, but it fits well on the disc.  “Sapphire Ward” has a cool guitar intro that morphs into another cool psychedelic track that incorporates the guitar and organ, as well as a great bottom line from the bass.  The drums are not forgotten as they keep time and even through in a ton of cymbal crashes that add to the track.  “Rocking Horse” is as close to a ballad as this band comes, but this ballad has the sdame cool tones of the previous tracks.  The organ, guitar, and vocals seem to weave this sound that really stands out on this track.  “Tragic Catastrophe” closes the disc with a melancholy track that incorporates all the components that really stood out on this disc.  The vocals are more of a storyteller style, but it fits the mood and tone of the track.  This is a great disc closer.

Category: CD Reviews

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