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Introducing: bree – Nashville Rocker To Release Debut Self-Titled Album On June 18th

| 16 April 2013 | Reply


(New York, NY)  – Nashville rocker bree will release her self-titled debut album on June 18th. The 11 track album was recorded in Nashville and produced by Justin Cortelyou – longtime engineer for iconic producer Bob Ezrin. The album will be released through the Nashville based independent label Werewolf Tunes. Listen to the first track, “All American Girl” HERE.

A ravishing red head who rocks a Gibson Flying V guitar, bree’s story is like her – anything but ordinary. When asked what in her life she would like to forget she usually answers, “My life from the age of six to twenty one.”

Growing up in a religious cult—which her father actually led—the Nashville-based femme fatale faced oppression like few of us could ever comprehend. At six-years-old, she endured the loss of her mother, who wouldn’t turn to traditional medicine to extract a sewing needle she had swallowed.  Soon after her passing bree started to endure much physical and mental abuse from her family and then cast out on the streets at 17-years-old for having a boyfriend.  She bounced around the country for a bit and was even homeless at times.  Through the chaos, there was one consistent comfort – music.  bree adds, “I don’t think I’d be able to write the songs I do today unless I’d been through that hell.  That may or may not be true, but believing it has kept me sane.”

bree settled in Nashville in 2011 and after a year of tireless gigging and hard work, she was recognized with the prestigious honor of RAW Nashville “Musician of the Year,” solidifying her status as the city’s rock ‘n’ roll bombshell. In 2012 bree was introduced to legendary producer Bob Ezrin (Alice Cooper, KISS, Pink Floyd) and his engineer Justin Cortelyou (Taylor Swift, KISS, Ke$ha, Alice Cooper).

“I had no idea what to expect,” said Justin Cortelyou. “I saw the upright bass leaning against the wall and was introduced to this young, beautiful redhead who spoke in a soft, almost baby doll, voice.  My first impression was that we were going to hear some kind of pop country act.  Then she straps on a Flying V, flips on her Marshall amp and starts rocking out like Townsend at Leeds with the spirit of Johnny Ramone flying around the room.  Killer voice.  Killer songs.  Killer sound. We were totally taken aback.  I didn’t see it coming and can honestly say I’d never been more shocked.   At that point I hadn’t asked Bob if I could produce an act and I knew he was booked solid for a year.  Bob was gracious and said she was my project.”

Recorded in Nashville, bree, injects seductive sexy soul into swaggering rock ‘n’ roll. Backed by drummer David Castello and upright bassist Mayrk McNeely, the singer and guitarist has found a style of her own. She describes it best, “My personal kick ass slice of the rock-n-roll pie.  Funny thing is that I don’t think many people today really know what 21st century rock-n-roll is about.  They think it’s some 1950’s retro thing.  Which I certainly am not – even with an upright bassist in the band. When I walk on stage with my Gibson Flying V and plug into a Marshall they start to get the picture.”

That energy comes through loud and clear with the raw and rousing songs on bree. With explosive power chords, unshakable hooks, and liberated lyrics, the album unleashes a refreshing turn from a young free-spirited female rocker.


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