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Label: Glassville Records

Release Date: May 1, 2015

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Prog rock comes in many shapes and sizes, but typically the music isn’t diverse and spread across different genres.  Unless you are dealing with The Sixxis, that is.  “Dreamers” opens with a prog feel, but this is more of a moody rocker that takes its vibe and groove from late 80’s Fates Warning.  “Long Ago” is more of a moody rocker and less of as prog tune.  The chorus is catchy and helps anchor the track, along with the heavy bottom end.  “Home Again” works on a Scorpions-like opening riff that quickly morphs into a priog track with heavy bass and big vocals that carry the track.  “Waste Of Time” is a mellow track that runs like a prog-style ballad.  The vocals energy is a bit muted compared to other tracks on the disc.  “Opportune Time” has an eerily familiar rhythm and musical track that adds a bit of mystery to the track.

“Nowhere Close” kicks down the doors with great fretwork that opens the track, as well as vocals that fill the void between riffs.  The prog undertones kick in with a jazz-fusion bassline that drives the track.  “Forgotten Son” is a moody rocker that swings through different genres and grooves, while maintaining a prog-style vibe.  The guitars are solid without being overbearing.  “Coke Can Steve” is an instrumental that runs from prog to metal to heavy rock and back again.  The percussion/drumming and guitar work on this track are killer and help the track stand out.  “Out Alive” focuses on a heavy prog mood and rhythm, while throwing in heavy rock bass to teh mix.  The vocals nicely counteract the heavier mood of the song.  Disc closer “Weeping Willow Tree” is a slow moving song that never seems to get where it is gong.  The melancholy vocals are well suited with the nondescript guitars.

Tracklisting: Dreamers – Long Ago – Nowhere Close – Home Again – Forgotten Son – Waste Of Time – Coke Can Steve – Opportune Time – Out Alive – Weeping Willow Tree





Category: CD Reviews

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