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FREEDOMS REIGN – Freedoms Reign

| 22 March 2013 | Reply


Label: Cruz Del Sur Music

Release Date: April 30, 2013

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

There is no shortage of metal bands today that try to recapture the glory of music gone by.  The debut from Freedoms Reign is no different.  “Ritual” opens the disc and the guitars and drums come out guns a-blazing.  The opening riff instantly makes one think of classic metal riffs from an era gone by.  “Shadows of a Doubt” is next and quickly shows its classic rock influences.  Don’t be mistaken, this is no Sabbath tribute band.  The vocals are clean, the riffs big, and the rhythm section pounding.  “Brother” is a cool rock track that features a guitar solo that, while sounding classic, is very original.  The drums are also something of a more modern sound, which adds a little depth to the track and rest of the disc.  “Believe” is more like the last track than the others.  This heavy track has a cool blues feel laced into the guitar riff while the drums and bass provide a heavy bottom line.  The vocals mix nicely with the rest of the track and keep this song on track.  “Up from Down” has a different feel from the opening notes and guitar riff.  This track seems to pull a bit of fusion and jam then mix them up nicely with a bit of metal.  The vocals are very retro and keep the theme of classic metal in the forefront.

“To Be” features a very classic riff woven through the track that couples with the lead vocals.  The drums slow a bit and the bass is less obvious, giving this a hybrid feel that marries classic metal with classic rock.  The solo is slow and easy, but still a great bit of fret work.  “No Excuses” is more modern rock goodness that keeps a the metal lineage alive.  The guitar work is cool and adds to the track, with its change from solo-like notes to a chugging support line that keeps the track moving.  The drums have cool time changes and have a big sound to them.  “Long Way” is another great track on the disc.  The guitar work is great, along with a pounding rhythm section that keeps the song fresh with tempo changes along with style changes.  This is one of the better tracks on the disc.  “Looking Around” has a very classic opening that keeps the bands roots planted firmly in classic metal, while allowing a few new sounds to help keep the music fresh at the same time.

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