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WHAT HAPPENED IN VEGAS – Fairweather Friends

| 28 February 2013 | Reply


Label: Independent

Release Date: February 22, 2013

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

A lot of the screamo and hardcore has started getting bland in my opinion, but once in a while you find a young band that has the drive and desire to make something happen.  What Happened In Vegas is one such band.  Disc opener “Keep Me Away From You” has a familiar sound that many of the hardcore bands have today, but the song actually does allow the band to stretch a little and demonstrate some of their talent.  It isn’t all about fast and hard guitars or the screams.  The drumming is solid and keeps the song on track.  “Folk Song” kicks off with a cool intro and morphs into a good song that relies as much on vocals as it does screaming.  That is a good thing, as it is better matched to the song, which doesn’t have a total hardcore track.  There is some screaming and growling, but it is placed throughout the track.  “Little Lonely” follows and the cool piano intro might trip you up, but the vocals here are no trip.  This song is one of the best here, as the vocalist really does a great job with the track.  The guitars and bass mix well during some of the breakdowns to give this almost a jazz fusion feel during those moments.  “Closet Doors (Let Me Out)” keeps the lighter side of the genre flowing.  The song features a strong bass line that stands out, as well as some cool time changes and fills from behind the drum kit.  This disc seems to get better the further into you listen.  “Snakes” is typical fare for the genre, with screams and vocal effects, but this does feature a sexy-funky bass line that redeems the track.  The guitar work during the bridge is also very cool and prepares you for chugging riff during the breakdown and outro.  “Come & Break My Heart” is another track that features a bit of fretwork and vocals that mix well with the musical component of the track.  The growling is minimal and used to accentuate during the song.  “Strangers (Fairweather Friends)” closes the disc and features a some great acoustic guitars and cool vocals.  The layering of lead and background vocals really adds some depth to the track and the disc.  The song gets a little heavier, but this is not a hardcore track at all.  This is What Happened In Vegas at their best.  Can’t wait to see what they throw at their fans next.

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