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SERENITY – War Of Ages

| 16 February 2013 | Reply


Label: Napalm Records

Release Date: March 22, 2013

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

My buddy Nathan knows I love symphonic metal.  When he suggested Serenity, I wasn’t sure what to expect, as his tastes are even more widespread than mine!  “Wings Of Madness” starts this disc in true symphonic fashion.    The music leads off and soon the vocals add to the mix.  The keyboards are bold, the guitar riffs strong, and the vocals well matched to the music.  “The Art Of War” is next and has a bold introduction.  The chanting vocals combined with the music create a mood that is carried throughout the title track.  “Shining Oasis” has a different vibe at certain breaks in the track.  The music is still very prevalent, but the vocals seem to relax and take a back seat to the music at times.  “”For Freedom’s Sake” is a track that has an introduction that throws you off balance.  Heavy piano and toned down vocals lead the charge on this song.  The songs arrangement is beautiful and is enhanced once the chorus and bridge kick in.  This isn’t your typical symphonic metal track, but it is one of the best tracks presented here.  “Age Of Glory” returns the disc to the symphonic metal origins of the band after an ethereal introduction.  Once the guitars and drums kick in, you know this is metal.  The drums are pounding and keep time perfectly on this track.

“The Matricide” has a very cool drum intro that adds a little depth to the track, even after the keyboards have kicked in.  The tempo and flow of this track are going to be a welcome addition to my workout routine.  The song flows well and has a cool vibe woven through it.  “Symphony For The Quiet” follows and lulls you into a calm with its mellow opening, but soon you are met by a wall of drums and guitar that drive this track and help mix the beauty within the song and the beast playing of the musicians.  “Tannenberg” has a cool guitar riff to open the track that is more 80’s rock than symphonic, but that sits well with me.  The vocals are strong and keep the song anchored.  Of the rock tracks on the disc, this is the best presented, if you like good guitar driven rock with some keyboards and a feel good groove.  “Legacy Of Tudors” returns us to a symphonic feel from the second the song kicks off.  The long introduction doesn’t add much, but once the guitars and drums jump in, you are returned to the symphonic metal realm.  The vocals are layered well and add to the track.  “Royal Pain” closes the disc as strongly as the disc opened.  This track alone prompted me to restart the disc and listen through one more time, as it left me wanting more.  Thanks for this one Nathan…

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