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PSYCHOTHERMIA – Fall To The Rising Sun

| 2 February 2013 | Reply


Label: Independent

Release Date: February 8, 2013

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

What is it about me that prompts all of my PR friends to send me discs from artists I have yet to hear about.  Jon was gracious enough to bring this one to my attention.  What really drew me in initially was the disc itself.  The tracks are modern rock tracks that hold their own against most of those being released today.  Title track “Fall to the Rising Sun” opens the disc and it rocks.  The guitar intro is a cool way to open the disc.  This tune sets the mood, with its pounding bass line and cool guitar work.  The vocals are well matched to the music and make this a great start to the disc.  “Warbly” is another song that uses the guitars and bass to anchor itself.  The vocals kick in, along with the drums, and this song takes on a life of its own.  After a few listens through, this is one of my favorites.  The song builds from the start to the chorus, but doesn’t back down.  It retreats and builds again.  “Slash and Burn” features a great acoustic opening that gives the disc a new direction, after a couple rockers.  This one eventually turns the corner and becomes a good rock track, but the acoustic piece stays with me, and creates appreciation for the song.  “Anarchy” is hammer down rock from the opening sounds.  The guitar work is really good here and gives the song a different feel compared to some of the other tracks here.  The bass takes on a life of its own and the drumming is strong here.  “Don’t Look Back” has a cool vibe to it that hangs on through out the track.  The mellow rock groove created by the guitars and vocals gives dimension to the rest of the disc, as it ventures from the other songs.

“Here’s to the Angels” takes us back to the heavier rock tunes.  The drums and bass duet nicely to open the song, but eventually give way to the vocals, which are very well done to match the mood of this track.  “Crazy X” opens with vocals and more monster bass lines.  This track keeps you guessing, as it moves from heavy rock to groove laden to modern rock.  The vocals change up a bit and create a fun atmosphere around this one.  “The Wrath” goes back to the acoustic vibe created earlier on the disc, but it somehow adds to the disc, instead of detracting from the heavy vibe created by the other tracks.  The chorus builds to a heavy fill, but keeps that light feel to it.  “Straight Faced” follows the same path as the previous track, but has a fusion feel to it when it kicks off.  The song  changes up and loses me a little, but it could be worse.  “Orlando” is different from anything else when it opens and stays that way.  This is a bit trippy, if not ethereal.  The instruments are there as a light backdrop to the vocals, which seem to wander a bit.  “Self Inflicted Wound” returns this disc to the rock side with a vengeance   There is almost a thrash feel to the song that doesn’t change when the vocals come in.  The song has some cool tempo changes and the heavier vocals drive this track.  “The Fight” wraps this disc up with yet another vibe and feel than most of the other songs.  This song isn’t my favorite here, but maybe these guys know something I don’t.

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