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INTERVIEW – Family Guy writer ALEC SULKIN, December 2012

| 3 January 2013 | 2 Replies

By Emma Thomson

Writer, producer and sometime voice actor, Alec Sulkin has contributed to over 70 episodes of the long-running FAMILY GUY series and movies, as well as co-writing the Mark Wahlberg movie TED.  Alec kindly took time out of his hectic schedule – in addition to writing more Family Guy he is currently developing a new series for 20th Century Fox with writing partner Wellesley Wild – for a few questions with Emma Thomson.

Alec Sulkin 1

ET: So, Mr Sulkin, how did you wind up getting involved with the whole Family Guy enterprise?

AS: I met Seth [MacFarlane, Family Guy creator] while I was working on a show called The Pitts. It was when Family Guy was cancelled for the 2nd time. We got along well because we were the same age in a room filled with older people. He said if Family Guy ever comes back I’ll hire you… and he did! That was almost 9 years ago.

ET: Have you ever been roped into doing any of the voices?

AS: I’ve done many voices. I’m the voice of Jesus and Robin Williams. But I mostly do voices that end in numbers. Old guy #2, Arab #3, etc.

ET: And that’s surprising, because to look at you you’d think you’d have a deeper, ‘Carl from the convenience store’ voice.    Given the chance, I would like to see the darker, pervier side of Meg come to the foreground. If you had the unchallenged creative control, are there any characters you’d like to take in a different direction to that has been seen so far? And are there any minor characters you’d like to give more prominence to?

Family Guy

AS: I think the show does a good job of taking characters in new directions. I love seeing minor characters having more stuff to do. Seamus and Mayor West are fun. I love pitching on jokes for them.

ET: Seth MacFarlane’s love of musicals, big band, etc. is well documented. Are you ever tempted to say ‘Alright, enough of the bloody Sinatra, let’s get some Metallica into this game!’ or something of that ilk?

AS: Well, I prefer Sinatra to Metallica, but I’d love to hear some Beatles or Duran Duran or CSN… Y? Because!

ET: Moving on from shop talk, what sort of bands were you into growing up?

Alec Sulkin 2

AS: I love the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, but also 80s pop. Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, Madonna, Pointer Sisters, Huey Lewis, etc.

ET: Duran Duran are excellent. You should petition for them to be featured, see if you can get a cameo out of them.  If you could go back in time to any concert, festival, what-have-you, where would you go?

AS: I’d go to the Allman Brothers live at the Fillmore East concerts. Also Bob Marley’s Babylon By Bus tour.

ET: My research (ie, checking your Facebook profile) tells me you are single. What sort of lady are you looking for? Or gentleman, for that matter…

AS: I need a lover who won’t drive me crazy!  J C Mellencamp…

ET: And finally, for my own childish entertainment, I invented a game where you ascertain what your British Wrestling name is by taking the name of your favourite chocolate bar and a cartoon character you loved growing up. Mine is either Crunchie Thundercat or, if I’m feeling fancy, Toblerone Clanger. What’s yours?

AS: Skor Daffy… Doesn’t really work…

ET: Thank you for your time!


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