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SLASH – Apocalyptic Love

| 14 December 2012 | 2 Replies


Label: Dik Hayd International

Release Date: May 22, 2012

Rating: 9.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

It’s Slash.  Does anything else really need to be said?  Okay, it’s got Myles Kennedy on lead vocals.  Need more?  Probably not, but I will throw some ideas and songs at the wall, if you will throw caution to the wind and follow me on this journey.

The disc is much more cohesive than Slash’s last effort.  I think the songs flow better and seem less forced.  Some of the tracks on the last offering were clearly written around a certain vocalist or vibe, since just about every song featured a different vocalist.  Slash, Myles, and the rest of The Conspirators have done themselves proud with this disc.  Song after song is strong and enjoyable.  From the opening strands of the title track, you know this disc came to conquer.  “One Last Thrill” has a very bluesy cock rock feel to it, reminiscent of Slash’s old band, Guns N Roses, except this seems to have a shit load of swagger behind it.  Slash has been reborn and he has come to rock your ass off.  Myles pulls off some killer vocals on this track.  It is one of my favorites here.  “You’re A Lie,” the first single, fits well on the disc and helps transition what most people imagine Slash is.  He is more than the top hat lead guitarist – way more.  The song writing on this disc is heads above most of his previous stuff, and his playing has aged better than most cheeses and wines.  It is still a pleasure to listen to Slash play.

“Halo” is another track that seems to fit Myles and Slash.  This track takes no prisoners, until you run into “We Will Roam.”  This moody rocker kicks the doors open and let’s the listener know there will not be any soft ballads here.  “Anastacia” comes on and I instantly want to run.  No, not from the room.  I keep this song in my playlist for my morning runs.  The feel of the track keeps my pace and heart rate up.  The same can be said for “Carolina,” “Hard And Fast,” and “Shots Fired” – I love having these songs blast through my ear buds at 6:30 in the morning when it is 24* outside!!!  “Bad Rain” is that jam track that just gives you the chills.  There is no rush to get anywhere or do anything, just rock.  This track ranks up there with “One Last Thrill” as a favorite on the disc.

Grab this disc with the bonus tracks if you can, but however you find it, get it.  Your rock collection is not complete without it.


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