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Interview – Mouthguard, by Domino A Dark, December 2012

| 5 December 2012 | Reply

Watch your Mouth – Brisbane Hardcore punks Mouthguard.

By Domino A. Dark.

When it comes to venues, Brisbane Hardcore veterans Mouthguard say they aren’t “too precious” – they’ll play just about anywhere.

And justly so, you don’t survive fourteen years in the music biz and gain a reputation as one of Australia’s hardest working, Hardcore acts by acting prissy – take the band’s regular gig at the Beenleigh Tavern.

“We play on the floor in the TAB and place bets in between songs,” said Viktor.

“Usually the Barflies quite like us.

“There’s one guy who rocks up every time we play wearing his Mouthguard t-shirt.

“It’s a tough gig – between the echo of all the racing announcers and TAB machines, -. It’s pretty hard to hear ourselves”

“But you know we’ve played worse places.”

Mouthguard are heading Perthside this weekend for three gigs, including the launch of a split 7”with hard core brothers in arms, Perth’s own – Worst Possible Outcome at Perth’s best punk party, Too Punk To Fuck Vol. 3.

“We’re really keen to come back to Perth – the last time we played there was 2009 I think,” the bass player said.

“They were some good times.”

“This time I think we’re playing with like, 100 bands.

Well maybe not quite that many.

“Ok, but still, a really good cross section of the Perth scene.”

A quick glance through Mouthguard’s back catalogue reveals that the band has a penchant for releasing on vinyl, that’s both the band’s own releases and punk/hardcore compilations, including a coloured vinyl release with Agitator where each band paid tribute to their favourite football league in song.

In a society where the download is King, surely this favouritism for the dinosaur of captured music makes them an oddity?

“Oh no, vinyl is still very popular,” he said.

“Especially in DIY /punk “circles.

“I’m a bit of a vinyl nut myself you know – I collect it, I like the sound, plus I use it when I Dj

Viktor Mouthguard a Dj?

“Ha ha, yes.

“Not the hippity hoppity stuff” he is quick to clarify.

“Apart from the aesthetic, the collector’s point of view – vinyl has a better sound.

But he confesses to enjoying technology as well.

“iPods are great for running – I use mine all the time, but vinyl demands a commitment to the music doesn’t it?

“You can skip the songs you don’t like with an IPod, or cd, but with vinyl you really have to give the music a chance.

Another plus for vinyl?  You can press it in different colours.

This weekend punters will have their choice of four different camouflage colours when Mouthguard and Worst Possible Outcome release a split 7” at the Rocket Room-

This weekend at the Rocket Room, Mouthguard and Worst Possible Outcome release their split 7” in four colours – brown, drab green, olive green and gun metal grey.

“They aren’t as ugly as they sound,” said Viktor.

The camouflage colours are certainly fitting for a band whose sound has been described as punk, hard core and oi – albeit with a more ‘fun’ undercurrent.

“It’s really hard to describe our sound, I try not to, but people want to know what you are,” said Viktor.

“We cross over a lot – punk, street punk.

“At the moment we’re leaning more toward hard core.”

“You know, over time music changes, so that what was regarded as hard core has changed, I used to think Depression was super heavy.

“But now I think it’s a lot more accessible, the kids are coming up with harder hard core all the time.”

In fourteen years, Viktor reckons he’s seen it all.  He likes to think the band has got better over time, if not more professional.

“I’d like to think we’ve got it down to a 5% margin of error,” he said.

“We enjoy most of the shows we play, and we’ve played some crazy punk pubs you know the kind – punters packed in like sardines, bodies flying everywhere” Viktor said.

“A lot of the crew talk about the Good Old Days, but that’s crap.

“Anytime is a good time, so long as you’re doing stuff.”


Hardcore fans can catch Mouthguard at three venues this weekend – December 6 at The Newport with The DeNiros, The Craw and Negative Reinforcement.

December 7 at The Rocket Room for Too Punk To Fuck Vol.3 featuring, Blazin Entrails, New Husseins, The Bob Gordons, Worst Possible Outcome and The Lungs, for the launch of the split 7”

December 8 at The Den at The Civic Hotel – Make that a Decade with Miles Away (tenth anniversary), Cruel Hand (USA) and The Others.


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