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Mystery news!

| 20 October 2012 | Reply

MYSTERY have been hitting the headlines in the mainstream press all across the globe by boldly going where no band at their age has ever gone. MYSTERY is announcing the posting of a special new video covering the first leg of the bands world tour. The bands album ‘2013’ is also complete and a teaser has now been made available for listeners on their Reverbnation page.

At first, the band was encouragement by beloved Rock fans and Industry people who admired the boys for their enduring work at such a young age, but there were definitely a number of critic’s that dismissed them and never took the band seriously before even giving them a chance, simply because the boys were so young.

The doubters can say no more as MYSTERY have astonished audiences globally on the first leg of their 2012/2013 ‘Thunder From dOWNuNDER World Tour’ and it has all been captured for all to see. The young boys aged only 14 and 15 have been performing on main stages at major events alongside the biggest bands in the world. They have been sharing the stage with the likes of Europe, Motley Crue, Nightwish, Manowar, Motorhead, Lordi, Megadeth, W.A.S.P and many more!

A new ‘Special World Tour Report’ is now available as a taste of what you can expect to see from MYSTERY both on and off the stage including a future feature motion picture documentary. MYSTERY are now admired not only by their fans, but even superstar artists and the big names in the Industry. See all the testimonies on this very special report.

During the tour, the word began to spread about a young band from Australia creating   waves on the world stage and proclaiming them to be Hard Rock’s big smashing answer to ‘One Direction’.

The young Australian boys have spread their wings all over the planet from Romania to Croatia and Slovakia. From Germany to the United States of America and they will soon set foot under the rising sun of Japan. Don’t worry If you’ve missed them the first time around as they will be back!!! MYSTERY have been invited back to all of the continents of the world where they have already left a trail of adoring fans and critical acclaim.

Mystery says: We may be kids, but your belts better be strapped on tight, because you’re in for a WILD RIDE! See our new video and listen to the teaser for our album titled ‘2013’ and don’t forget to like us at and don’t forget to watch the first official music video ‘Raise Your Fist’ from our ‘2013’ album.

Press:”Mystery intend on making history!” they proclaim…And y’know what? They could very well be right says: G. Barton of Classic Rock Magazine.

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