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LIVE – STONE CIRCLE with Graphic Fiction Heroes & Nymph Honey, Perth WA, 1 June 2012

| 3 October 2012 | Reply

The Amplifier Bar, Perth WA
By Shane Pinnegar | Photography by Awakening Vixen Photography

Local favourites STONE CIRCLE took their melodic radio friendly rock all the way to South America in April & May, playing 13 gigs through Venezuela, Colombia and Cuba to hundreds and sometimes thousands of cheering new fans.

Coming home on a high, what else could they do but play for their local fans at a homecoming show christened RETURN TO ROCK – and all I can say is WOW!

First up though, Mandurah has a new star-in-waiting. Rob Walker’s NYMPH HONEY shows he has the right stuff as he struts through both band and solo turns with charisma and some great songs, even though he’s still working at finding the right balance between his studio and live sound.

Closing with a triumphant cover of You Keep Me Hanging On, Nymph Honey are a name you’ll be hearing much more from soon.

Chris Gibbs and GRAPHIC FICTION HEROES were an unknown quantity to this reviewer before tonight, but I have to admit, I’ve been missing out!

That Gibbs himself can play a mean axe is one thing, but his knack with a Cheap Trick-friendly melody here, a Stone Roses-like riff there, and all with a power trio foundation that rocks out might just make Graphis Fiction Heroes ‘The Wildhearts’ of Perth!

There’s nothing here but pure class and hook-filled radio-ready Aussie rock at its finest.

When the DJ spins Thin Lizzy’s The Boys Are Back In Town the crowd poured back into the band room eager to see what STONE CIRCLE had up their sleeves, and after two such fine sets, our headliners are going to have to do something pretty special to come out on top tonight.

From the first chorus it’s apparent that a month living out of each other’s pockets, playing constantly, being interviewed every day and basically being a ‘full time band’ for that length of time has made them seamlessly tight.

To say they’re rockin’ tonight would be to sell them short – through old songs and new, Stone Circle showed an enthusiastic and vocal crowd exactly what they’re made of – rock and roll, huge riffs and Van Halenesque solos, the tightest rhythm section this side of anywhere, soaring melodic vocals and above all else – great songs.

The entire band is on fire tonight, with Jeremy Harris’s vocals emotive and road-rich, and his tales of a month on the road are always amusing. Scott Howe’s fretboard wizardry simply on fire especially on Transparent and Speed Racer, Derrin Kee is a drummer who knows how to combine a thumping rock beat with rhythm, style and technique, and Craig Skelton’s bass playing is seamless.

All our old favourites are here, with Living For The Sunshine prompting a rousing singalong, and All I Want is as stadium as a band can get in a pub. Of the new tracks, Sold Me Out is an instant audience favourite, Kings Of Time showcases Craig Skelton’s keyboard wizardry – all he needs is a cape to show off his Rick Wakeman-like abilities! Another newie, Northern Lights, bodes extremely well for Stone Circle’s third album, currently being written.

There’s not much else to say except for the obvious – this band and many others deserve to be making music that the whole world can hear, deserve to be making a living from their music. Tonight’s show was the equal of just about any show I’ve seen this year – with a growing fan base in South America and elsewhere, you should catch them while you can before they’re too busy for their home town.

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