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Thousand Foot Krutch – The End Is Where We Begin

| 17 September 2012 | Reply

Label: Independent

Release Date: April 17, 2012

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

When your boss tells you to check out a band, you may cringe wondering what you are getting yourself into, but when you have actually partied with your boss at a Green Day concert and rocked out to Alice Cooper live, you are in pretty good hands. John mentioned Thousand Foot Krutch and I have to admit, I had heard of them, but didn’t know much of them. Let’s see what comes of this.

“The Introduction” is simply that – an interlude to welcome you to the disc. “We Are” opens up with a huge riff and monster drums. I think I am going to like this ride. This is unhinged rock and roll for the masses with big vocals and a huge chorus. “Light Up The Sky” is a little edgier than the previous track, but good none the less. This band seems to be a good mix for those who love big guitars and modern rock. The straight forward vocal of this tune really stands out amongst the guitars and chorus. “The End Is Where We Begin” is a great track that dials it back down a little. These songs really give you a little insight to the talent this band possesses, as the songs are similar yet different in enough ways that you would be remiss to lump them together. “Let The Sparks Fly” was the song that prompted my boss to suggest this disc to me. This cranks the energy level back up. I find myself rocking out in my chair wanting to throw a fist or the horns in the air. The chorus is reminiscent of a few songs from other bands that I really dig, so this disc is right in my music comfort zone.

“I Get Wicked” goes in another direction, but still has a modern edge to it. The chorus resonates even after the song is over. This track takes me back to early Linkin Park or Crazytown, but without the entire bad rap-rock connotation that lingered back in the day. “Be Somebody” slows the pace back down a little bit, but it is a welcome change. This is a cool slow tempo tune that keeps you interested with its vocals and guitar work. “This Is A Warning” is a slight interlude to break up the disc a little bit. “Courtesy Call” is another great track that keeps things mid-tempo, but still maintains a cool rock vibe. The deeper I get on this disc, the more I appreciate the time I am spending on it. “War Of Change” is the song that strikes me as the most different on the disc, but I think it is the breakdowns that do this. The chorus on the other hand is bound to be a crowd pleaser. I can see the crowd singing along, waving hands from side-to-side.

“Down” brings the modern rock goods. This band is going to bring back the modern rock of the early 2000’s, but with a melodic flair. I really like how these guys seems to mix up the pace and tracking of this disc. “All I Need To Know” is sure to be a radio friendly hit for the AC crowd. “Fly On The Wall” brings back the big sound, with cool vocals, fun guitars, and drums that keep solid time while interjecting a bit of flair here and there. “So Far Gone” slows things way down. The acoustic piece really adds to the dimension of the band and makes you take notice. It is a good track; just don’t know if I would have ended the disc with it. I would think they would try to take you out with the same energy they brought you in with. “Outroduction”, much like the first track, is simply what it says… the end of the disc.

Not sure what you would be looking for when purchasing this disc, but I know I was pleasantly surprised with the results. Thousand Foot Krutch has the goods – trust me, if you want a solid rocker with an edge and a soft side, give this one a spin. I think you will find yourself taking it out for a joyride more than once!!!

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