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PISTENBROKE – Second Coming EP

| 11 September 2012 | Reply

Self-released, 2012
By Shane Pinnegar

The reprobates who make up Adelaide’s PISTENBROKE are many things – Sunday School teachers with a black belt in subtlety, however, they are NOT, as their second EP clearly demonstrates.

Defining their sound is pretty easy – take the first albums from Motley Crue and Rose Tattoo, Motorhead’s “Iron Fist”, Black Sabbath’s “Heaven & Hell” and Zodiac Mindwarp’s “I Am Rock”, and play them all at the same time – the resulting chaos and mayhem should sound pretty similar to “Second Coming”!

These boys make your local outlaw motorcycle gang look like pussies, and they serve up two bonafide anthems on this platter – Lewd, Crude, Tattooed’s catchy gang vocals softening the broken Jack Daniels bottle gargle of the leather-lunged Don Etherington, and their eponymous track Pistenbroke serving as a mission statement to their way of life – pissed AND broke.

Good Girls is a bit more generic, a hard rocking love song of sorts to all the bad girls out there, but it’s Nutward that really grabs the attention. A slow burning atmospheric start gives way to a chugging Sabbathian riff before this tale of murder, mayhem and the loony bin (the nut ward, geddit?) goes into an absolutely mental frenzy of near thrashy riff rocking and maniacal laughter.

Bloody lovely, and as Australian as chuckin’ a sickie on a Friday arvo to get full of piss and watch a titty show at the local pub.

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