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Hardline – Danger Zone

| 15 September 2012 | Reply

Label: Frontiers Records

Release Date: May 22, 2012

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: ToddStar

Do you miss the arena sound of great 80’s rock? God knows I do. Luckily, I don’t have to miss it too bad now that Hardline is back on the scene with their latest release, Danger Zone. Big guitars, bigger vocals, and killer choruses are all over this disc.

“Fever Dreams” screams for an arena full of fist pumping. If this song is any indication, I am REALLY going to like this musical journey. Listening to this track, I am taken right back to the bands breakout single, “Hot Cherie.” “10,000 Reasons” is a great guitar/keyboard tune that could just as easily have been released circa-1989, but these guys make it work very well in 2012. This is an excellent version of the “you have done me wrong but I can’t give you up” song. “Danger Zone” is another good track, although not quite as energetic and pulsing as the previous couple of tracks. This one is designed for the anthem crowd, but seems to have a more modern edge to the sound and guitar work. “What I’d Like” kicks it back up a notch and brings back all the feel of a big chorus and vocals song of the melodic rock era.

“Stronger Than Me” is a great ballad that draws you in with its vocals and lyrics and keeps you interested with great music. “Never Too Late For Love” picks up the pace and adds to the disc. I can picture myself cruising around with the windows down and this one cranked up, but then again, that is the magic of this disc. Every tune so far is one of those songs. “Stay” has that keyboard feel that just rocks it, but the chorus makes this song. It is simple, but the quality stands up. When you think it can’t get any better, the guitar solo comes in and takes it to the next level. I can hear this done live with the crowd chanting along. “I Don’t Wanna Break Away” is a good rock tune with a modern edge, much like “Danger Zone.” It is good, but it just kinda chugs along.

“Look At You Now” steers this disc back on track with this guitar and keyboard driven track. The chorus is catchy, the vocals are bold, and the lyrics tell a great story – all winners when it comes to this track. “Please Have Faith In Me” is another good song, but doesn’t stand out. It features all of the components of other tracks here, but for some reason just doesn’t click as a great track. “Show Me Your Love” totally cranks back up from the last track. Like a lot of the other tracks here, there is the really good blend of vocals, guitar, and keyboards mixed with killer production. “The Only One” brings this disc to a close, regrettably. The rhythm section, which has been solid on this disc, really contributes in a monster way on this track. The drumming is huge. After getting into this track, I found myself wanting more… too bad we have to wait for more new music from Hardline, because this disc is one of the best “retro” discs I have heard in a long time.

After taking this for many spins since it crossed my desk, I think Double Eclipse has been eclipsed as my favorite Hardline disc by this one. Danger Zone indeed – don’t drive while listening to this one, ‘cuz you just may find yourself in that zone… Well done Hardline!

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