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| 30 October 2021 | Reply

Label: Sumerian Records

Release Date: October 29, 2021

Rating: 100%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Black Veil Brides seem to keep their legion on their toes waiting for new material, but with each release that wait becomes more worth it with each disc these guys pull together and unleash on the masses.  Disc opener and title track “The Phantom Tomorrow” is a beautifully orchestrated piece that sets the table from an emotional position, but sonically this one simply grabs you and makes sure you are strapped in for what is to come.  “Scarlet Cross” is one of the most contagious tracks the guys have ever put out.  From the pounding bottom line from Coma ad Eagleton to the twin guitar attack from Jake and Jinxx, this one hits all the marks and checks all the boxes, especially after founding member Biersack drapes his vocals across the musical landscape.  “Blackbird” unfolds with Jake Pitts and Jinxx trading licks through the intro until Biersack joins the fray vocally and the foundation from the rhythm section perfectly supports the track.  The anthemic vibe of the chorus should get hands in the air in unison… at least it does in my imagination.  Be sure to hang out through the bridge and the fret word that takes us from their to the end.  “The Wicked One” is a solid rocker that builds itself around the heavy handed drums of Christian Coma and thumping bass lines from Lonnie Eagleton.  This one blends different grooves and sounds in a perfect storm of rock and roll with out getting aggressive or overbearing.  The use of different sounds benefits the overall feel of the track.  “Fields Of Bone” kicks off sonically different from most tracks on the disc, but falls in line quickly once Andy’s vocals join the fray.  The pings and squeals on this track show Jake’s and Jinxx’s love of 80’s rock and guitar work. The stripped back verse adds punch to the track.  “Fall Eternal” takes a left turn in intensity and dials the energy back through the intro and verse, but swells into the chorus as the drums swing into the sound along with the guitars, bass, and more orchestration.  The band seems to do it all and well.  With each release, I look for something that will deter me from listening and the variation of sounds songs like this presents keep me coming back.

“Born Again” is a great track that features a lot of the BVB signatures that have become staples on the bands releases and almost expected from the Army.  The guitar riffs are thick and perfectly paired while the bottom end crushes.  Andy really flexes his vocals a bit on this one and gives us a glimpse of some upper register notes and the melodic layering of lead and background vocals add a depth tot he track.  “Spectres” is a cool piece that builds the mood and morphs perfectly from “Blackbird” into the next track.  “Torch” builds on the atmospheric feel of the interlude that proceeded it, but doesn’t veer far from the texture sonically, even when guitars, drums, bass, and vocals all come into play.  The guitar solo on the bridge is a beautiful piece unto itself, adding to the song and building the bridge without standing out as solos can do.  The layered vocals are great on this track, especially the choral feel on the outro.  “Shadows Rise” is the longest track on the disc coming in at just under five minutes, but the orchestration that builds through the intro adds dimension to the track and disc.  The song has a great blend of melody, harmony, and rock quotient that takes me back to earlier releases from the band, but swirled with a bit more of a dynamic texture and sound.  This is one of my favorite vocals on the disc.  “Crimson Skies” has a great riff that punches you from the start, but the breakneck drumming from Christian Coma gives this song its power.  The basslines from Lonnie add to the musical heaviness that creates a perfect foundation for the lighter vocals Biersack throws on the track.  This track most well represents the bands sound and growth, as it has nuances from each phase of the band that creep up from moment to moment.  “Kill The Hero” is a cool track that benefits from an intricate and well constructed guitar piece that brings Pitts and Jinxx together.  The chorus is thick and is a cool compliment to the verse, which is delivered with orchestration mixed in with the bands sound.  While a 52-year-old accountant may not be the bands target demographic, these guys knock it out of the park for me every time and this 12-track opus adds to their legacy.

Tracklisting: The Phantom Tomorrow – Scarlet Cross – Born Again – Blackbird – Spectres – Torch – The Wicked One – Shadows Rise – Fields Of Bone – Crimson Skies – Kill The Hero – Fall Eternal

Lineup: Andy Biersack (vocals) – Jake Pitts (guitars) – Jinxx (guitars) – Lonny Eagleton (bass) – Christian Coma (drums)






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