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| 21 January 2021 | Reply

Label: Carry On Music

Release Date: January 22, 2021

Rating: 89%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

The latest EP from Christopher Shayne is my introduction to this Southern rocker, and man am I glad I took this for a spin and a had a 7-track meet & greet!  Disc opener “Pour The Bottle” gets the blood pumping and the foot tapping from the opening and keeps the energy and fun dialed up until the final note rides out.  The real star of the show is Christopher’s vocals – especially on the choruses – but the sound of the track is enhanced by the solid bottom end and the slide guitar tossed into the mix as well as the solo laced over the bridge.  Title track “Ten High” has a cool groove that opens the song and keeps the vibe going.  Shayne’s vocals swirled in the mix with Zachary Hughes’ keyboards and Dave Lansing’s guitars create a cool Southern rock – blues storm.  “Any Given Sunday” is the most diverse track on the disc, but that isn’t a bad thing as it gives us a different listen to the singer and his band.  The vibe of the track is fun and we swing around to the familiar sound of the other tracks when the chorus hits.  Disc closer “Just Get Drunk” is a great song that has the best delivery, compliments of Christopher’s gritty and grainy vocals.  This track cuts to the heart of every relationship gone wrong.  The acoustic riffs that transition the verses, chorus, and bridge the perfect accompaniment.  This is a great track to close the collection while prompting you to start it again from the top.

“Getaway Baby” has a different twist that leans into the county rock vein, but the vibe fits the rest of the disc and doesn’t stray from the sound and path cut by the rest of the disc.  Shayle seems to pull back on the vocal at the verse, but more than makes up for it on the chorus.  The simpler guitar combined with some cool riffs at the bridge give this track a little punch.  “Burn Me Down” opens up with a great guitar part that is quickly joined by the lead vocals, but the song gets a kick in the ass when drummer Trevor Hammer and bassist Mark Blades drop the hammer and give the song the perfect soul / blues / rock foundation that allows the vocals and guitars to take on a chugging swagger that grows through the verses and into each chorus.  “Give A Damn” is both a familiar track that embraces the various sonic components of the rest of the EP, but is also a left run that brings some new sounds and nuances to the party.  The track is contagious and gets the foot tapping and head banging while staying true to its Southern rock roots.  There is something about the vocals in this track that get me singing along EVERY time it plays through.  The vibe and sound of this vibe drove me to dig into Shayne’s discography… hopefully you do the same.

Tracklisting: Pour The Bottle – Ten High – Getaway Baby – Any Given Sunday – Burn Me Down – Give A Damn – Just Get Drunk

Line-up: Christopher Shayne (vocals, guitars) – Dave Lansing (lead guitar) – Mark Blades (bass, vocals) – Zachary Hughes (keyboards, guitar, vocals) – Trevor Hammer (drums)






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