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Label: Lobster under license to Parlophone Records

Release Date: May 1, 2020

Rating: 100%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

According to a recent press release: “English singer-songwriter Jack Curley announces his debut EP Tomorrow, due for release on May 1st via Parlophone. It’s easy to hear why Jack’s career is moving as fast as it is – his voice. Effortlessly soulful, expressive and with a maturity far beyond his years, it’s that rare thing, completely timeless. The delicate yet simple instrumentation and production bring Jack’s vocals to the fore, while the song writing, inspired by greats such as The Beatles, Freddie Mercury and Elton John is instantly classic.”  I am not ready to put Jack in that company… yet.  This four-track EP captivated me from the first listen, which started about 3 hours ago and I cannot pull myself away from this EP and totally ROCKS without one soaring guitar riff. Disc opener “Alice” features a beautiful piano intro that swirls in the mix with Curley’s vocals and helps drive the track without drowning out the lyrics.  When the drums and percussion join the fray, we are off and running and the song builds through the second verse, chorus and to the outro that closes the track as it started, with a classic piano – vocal duet. “Wait For Me” is a contagious track that features Jack’s vocals blended with some great acoustic guitar.  When the rhythm section jumps in, the song takes on depth and strength.  The chorus is catchy and you find your foot tapping while you sing along… or scat vocal if you haven’t caught on to the words, because you find yourself wanting to sing this song. “Tomorrow” is another great track that draws you in with musical accompaniment that feels better than the where the lyrics and story line lead us.  No spoilers here, but Curley wants to hold on one more day before he’ll “tell her tomorrow.”  The keyboard / guitar tandem supports the track perfectly while the emotionally charged vocals drive the song home. “Down” is a beautiful piece that again pairs an acoustic guitar with Jack’s voice, which seems to cradle us gently and take us along on a heartfelt journey.  The percussion comes in and the song only gets better as the vocals get more soulful (if that is even possible) and draw you in creates the yearning to sing along with him while he ad libs between stanzas.  Be sure to listen as he flexes not only his emotional side, but his vocal range.  The ‘down’ side to this collection?? It’s only four songs… hopefully there are more right around the corner.

Tracklisting: Alice – Wait For Me – Tomorrow – Down




Category: CD Reviews

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