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| 4 April 2020 | Reply

Label: Wicked Cool Records

Release Date: March 13, 2020

Rating: 92%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

According to a recent press release: “Personal growth, rebirth, even revolution – such transformative concepts are the heart of what Soraia is all about. These heady themes inform the songs on Dig Your Roots, the band’s latest album, out March 13 on Wicked Cool Records.”  I am not sure about any of that, but I can tell you that this band has the goods and they deliver on this latest disc.  Disc opener “Dangerous” kicks the door wide open and the energy of the track woven together by the vocals, the guitars, the vocals, the bottom end, and did I mention the vocals is fun and a cool classic rock vibe that permeates every word and riff.  This track alone is worth the price of admission.  “Wild Woman” has a great groove provided by the guitars and rhythm section.  The vocals on the track are cool and add some punch to the track while the explosive guitar solo at the bridge elevates the track and is just plain fun to listen to.  “Foxfire” slows the cadence of the disc down and delivers a track that borders on power ballad.  The vocals are rich and perfectly matched to the musical accompaniment, especially on the chorus.  While not a favorite, the song fits the feel of the rest of the disc and keeps this flowing.  “Nothing Compares 2 U” is an interesting cover that swirls the mystique of Prince’s original version and the charismatic flair of Sinead O’Conner’s version.  The vocals are killer on this track, but the rock band touches from the guitars, bass, and drums help the band put their stamp on a familiar track, especially the solo on the bridge.  “Way That You Want It” is a frolicking fun slice of power pop rock and roll.  This track coupled with the disc opener make one of the most fun one-two punches on a disc in a long time.  This song was built for the stage with its larger than life bottom end anchored chorus and the soaring leads that work with the vocals through the verses and chorus.  Disc closer “Euphoria” is an interesting track to wrap up the collection.  The slowed cadence of the track allows us to check out the interesting percussion pieces tossed in as well as digesting the riffs and vocal contributions.  The chugging bass line in the bottom keeps the track moving down the line until we are greeted by one of the best solos on the disc at the bridge.

“Evergreen” comes at you with a charging riff that is bass and rum heavy, and that’s a good thing.  The vocals swirl in the mix with the guitars and the song gains depth at the chorus with layered anthemic style vocals.The song has a contagious feel that keeps your foot tapping from open to close.  “Darkness (Is My Only Candle)” has a sound that gets the foot tapping and draws you in immediately.  The vocals are fun to listen to and accentuate the songs fun groove.  The guitars, bass, and drums all have moments where they showcase their individual sound while demonstrating how well the pieces work together.  “Superman Is Gone” has a different sound and swagger to it, but the song fits perfectly among the others on the disc, as it gives the band another sonic weapon in its arsenal.  The contagious chorus gets you singing before you work through the first chorus.  The bridge is tribal in feel and sound, giving the song different textures and making it stand out among the other tracks.  “Still I Rise” is sonically different from most tracks, but has an interesting blend of guitars, keyboards, and a different vocal texture woven into it.  The cadence of the track is solid and keeps the song on track.  The chorus is thick and layered and is a nice bridge to tie the song together.  “Don’t Have You” slows things way down, but the song is really good from its lyrics to the emotionally charged vocals and the beautiful piano interlude that leads the charge through the verse as the band slowly builds and kicks in at the chorus.  This disc is full of cool tracks – just goes to show, it doesn’t hurt listening to a single or two of a band that may not have been on your radar!

Tracklisting: Dangerous – Wild Woman – Evergreen – Foxfire – Darkness (Is My Only Candle) – Nothing Compares 2 U – Superman Is Gone – Way That You Want It – Still I Rise – Don’t Have You – Euphoria

Lineup: ZouZou Mansour (lead vocal, tambourine) – Travis Smith (bass) – Brianna Sig (drums, percussion) – Nick Seditious (guitars)






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