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| 27 April 2020 | Reply

Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Release Date: March 6, 2020

Rating: 94%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Harem Scarem never disappoints when they toss new music into the Melodic Rock atmosphere, and their latest is just another winner in a long chain of great albums.Title track “Change The World” is a great track that draws you in from first listen and sets the bar for the rest of the songs.  The guitar work is great and Harry Hess’ lead vocals are crisp and amazing.  The guys voice is one of the more consistent in the genre.  Be sure to check out Pete Lesperance’s guitar solo on the bridge, as it is one of the better on the collection.  “Aftershock” opens with a cool riff and features some heavy handed drumming from Creighton Doane.  The swirl of Hess’ voice and Leperance’s guitars in the mix is solid and allows the song to soar a bit above the anchored rhythm section.  The chorus is catchy and gets you singing on the first pass through.  “The Death Of Me” is more great melodic rock, but has a different flare to it, courtesy of Pete’s guitar.  The song fits the groove of the rest of the disc, yet seems to have a life and feel of it’s own.  The song allows Harry to flex both the higher and lower registers of his vocal range.  “No Man’s Land” has a different vibe woven into its musical DNA without deviating from the sound the band has claimed as their own.  The verse builds into a wall of sound chorus that combines modern rock sound with the melodic rock groove.  “Riot In My Head” is the most diverse track on the disc and shows off a different side of the band sonically.  The fret work is different as the song transitions between verse and chorus and Doane’s drumming has an amazing cadence that helps carry the track.  This one feels like it is waiting to take off down a drag strip… this one will be dangerous to listen to while driving down the expressway.  Disc closer “Swallowed By The Machine” is a cookie cutter melodic rock track, from the guitars and keyboards to the vocals and rhythm section.  This song is what the band has continued to do well since their first effort and demonstrate they found their niche and they do it well.

“Searching For Meaning” is a cool track that features another catchy chorus that grabs you and on the first listen through.  Harry’s vocals on this one are very emotive and pair well to the lyrics.  The guitar solo is great and features a lot of fret work that would do any guitarist proud.  The layered vocals on the chorus give this song a bit of depth.  “Mother Of Invention” is a beautiful track that drives home what a power ballad is.  The guitars are thick and drive the track while the tempered rhythm section keeps things flowing.  Hess’ vocals are amazing and perfectly deliver the emotionally charged lyrics.  “In The Unknown” kicks off with a soaring guitar riff from Pete that elevates the track and gets a cool blend of drumming as the sound winds through the intro and into the verse.  Harry’s vocals seem to kick into overdrive on the chorus, but the guitar work during all the connections and bridges steal the show on this track.  “No Me Without You” is another beautiful track from the band that shows how well they shift gears from melodic rockers to power ballad… but not cheesy stuff.  The guitars are still soaring, the rhythm section is heavy handed, and the vocals are thick and driven.  The lyrics are some of the most poignant on the disc and I find myself singing to this every time I play the disc through.  “Fire & Gasoline” is one of those songs that gets your head banging and foot tapping from the first note and doesn’t let up until after the song has come and gone.  The tempo of this track is addictive, the lyrics are contagious, and the solo on the bridge is phenomenal.  This song helps take us toward the end of the disc, but the energy and adrenaline on this track is as good as the disc opener.

Tracklisting: Change The World – Aftershock – Searching For Meaning – The Death Of Me – Mother Of Invention – No Man’s Land – In The Unknown – Riot In My Head – No Me Without You – Fire & Gasoline – Swallowed By The Machine

Line-up: Harry Hess (vocals, keyboards) – Pete Lesperance (guitars) – Creighton Doane (drums) – Darren Smith (backing vocals)






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