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MUSIC REVIEW: COPYSLUT – Sex, Death, And Other People’s Money

| 3 March 2020 | Reply

Label: Edgewalker Entertainment

Release Date: January 24, 2020

Rating: 83%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

According to a recent press release: “Oakland cabaret rock band Copyslut is starting the decade off strong, delivering fans their debut album Sex, Death, and Other People’s Money. Copyslut’s album coins a sound all its own with soaring vocals, theatrical-like song structures, powerful guitar riffs and experimental saxophone.”  I have to agree with the above sentiment and much more.  This is hands down the first album I have ever reviewed on which the band actually provides a short recap of the track and the musical mood for the track.  Disc opener “Afterglow” is an interesting track sonically, as it embraces the cabaret feel and sound.  While the subject matter may be questionable – per the band this is a ‘Sex Positive song about Fisting played in a surf rock vibe’ – the music is played well and the vocals are well matched to the track.  “Makers Mark” is an interesting song that benefits from a heavy bottom end that offsets the vocals.  The vibe of this track is less heavy grunge and more pop-punk than the band eludes to.  The time change between verse and chorus is cool and adds a bit of punch to the track.  “The Offering” unfolds slowly and offers up a different sound and vibe of the band, from the vocals to the guitars, and ending with a different groove from the rhythm section as well.  This song of ‘Healing, Transformation, & Mental Health’ is definitely theatrical as the band claims, but it is a great accent to the disc, as it adds depth to the collection.  “Slower Than God” has a mainstream rock vibe that provides the foundation for this track of ‘Self Discovery and Gentle Love.’  The guitars are fun and blend well with the vocals in the mix while the rhythm section provides a cool foundation.  “Sorry” is a heavy track that swirls the bands sound and vibe with a heavier doom style that works well.  The trudging bass lines and drums are cool and provide the anchor for the track, even when the vocals and guitars seem primed to take off running.  This track is described as ‘Transformative Justice and Accountability.’  While I am not sure what that means, the song helps keep the disc from becoming repetitive.  “Neon Razberries” is a weird track that I couldn’t seem to get into.  The groove and cadence are steady with chugging riffs and a bottom end that plays it safe.  The lyrics are fun and help elevate the track a bit.

“Kitchen Sink Gin” starts off with a cool guitar riff wrapped around the drums.  Soon the vocals and bass join the fray and we are off and running on this ‘Nonmonogamy love song’ performed in an ‘Experimental Groovy Rock’ vibe.  The bass is prominent during the track and some fucking cool sultry saxophone is swirled into the track during bridges and transitions.  “Hooker Homecoming” is a left turn musically for the band, but they pull it off.  While the lyrical content is what you would expect from the title – ‘Sex Worker Money Making Spell’ – it is performed in an old song twangy country style that gives the song a little extra something… a pop-punk track would have been easy , but they opted to try something a little different and it paid off.  The band tosses in a cool cover of the Reba classic “Fancy” and they pull this one off!  The rock vibe and sound is a cool offset to the slightly punk-twang vocals that deliver the familiar lyrics.  The guitars woven throughout the track a fun to listen to, as they add a little of their own stamp to the track without deviating from the familiar sound and groove.  “Right By You” has a different groove and seems to be slightly disjointed at times but reels itself in when it seems to be deviating too far.  This self-proclaimed post hardcore track of ‘Healing the Inner Child/ LGBTQ Surviving Mormonism’ has one of the most interesting bridges on the disc, with some interesting guitar work and some vocals that seem more emotionally charged that some of the other songs.  Acid Rock track “Psychopomp” has some great instrumentation built into it that grabbed my attention from first listen and prompted my revisiting the track time and time again.  This song has a show quality to it; i could see this song being ripped from a Broadway show based on its musical content and the vocal contribution.    Disc closer  “Captain Josephine” takes us out on a different note with more sax and some cool jazz-style percussion in the background.  The vocals are thick and dripping on this one while the guitars lightly accentuate the song through the verse and chorus.  There is one thing for certain – based on this disc, I cannot wait to see them tour to support this (hopefully hitting Detroit), as I think this band could create an interesting live show.

Tracklisting: Afterglow – Makers Mark – Kitchen Sink Gin – The Offering – Hooker Homecoming – Slower Than God – Fancy – Sorry – Right By You – Neon Razberries – Psychopomp – Captain Josephine

Lineup: Chatz (Vocals) – Ray (Guitar) – Eli Maliwan (Bass) – ​Roxanne Medina (Drums)






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