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| 12 October 2019 | Reply


You can just about hear the music in the air as the South-West readies itself to spring into action for the 27th edition of Blues at Bridgetown, three days’ worth of rhythm, melody and memories from Friday-Sunday, November 8-10. We’re both proud and pleased to bring you the third and final artist announcement, including the local goodness of the WAM Stage.

Australian blues musician Lloyd Spiegel isn’t here to change the world, just make it a little more bearable. Spiegel is celebrating his 30th year on tour in 2019, with the release of his 10th album, Cut And Run, the final part of an unexpected trilogy about personal redemption he didn’t even realise he was writing until it was finished. Where previous albums Backroads and This Time Tomorrow found him asking questions and begging forgiveness for the sins of his past, on Cut And Run Spiegel has found the tenacity to face the next chapter of his life, landing at #1 on the Amrap Blues Charts in the process.

A pair of hand-crafted boots, the tinted, Lennonesque glasses, the trademark voice, the whiskey town harp, the Grand Canyon repertoire, Rick Steele is the son of a preacher man. There’s no mistaking it, when Steele takes to the stage there’s an undeniable warmth, a familiarity right off the bat. With his own brand of showmanship, he’s established himself as somewhat of an institution, most certainly with his legendary afternoon sessions during Blues at Bridgetown over many years.

Lucky Oceans & Jessie Gordon’s Western Swing Hour sees the Grammy Award-winning Oceans and FRINGE WORLD veteran Gordon bringing together joyful, exuberant Western Swing with a dash of soul-searching sorrow. Born in the heart of Texas, burnished in the heat of Australia’s own West, this music is the nexus where country meets hot jazz, fuelled by the driving rhythm of Karl Florisson on double bass and an energetic, chaotic approach to melody and harmony with Oceans and virtuoso Jon Matthews on guitars. Joining the boys in paying tribute to the likes of Bob Wills and Spade Cooley, Gordon sings and plays the ukulele with reckless abandon, the four-piece band set to roll like a steam train through the Bridgetown breeze.

Sometime assassin, sometime saint, Lincoln MacKinnon mixes uplifting choruses, searing emotional power and a barely contained menace to produce music that is as powerful as it is memorable. Hailing from Melbourne, where he previously fronted The Legs and Dead River Deeps, MacKinnon now lives in the port town of Fremantle. Rich in stories of love, loss and chaos, this seaside town has inspired a spree of prolific songwriting and has forged a new era for his music. While this new incarnation carries the same unruly swagger, The Wrecking Train has breathed new life into his music and energetic stage performance, as proven on his recently released second album, Sparks Will Fly.

Two Dollar Dog are an energetic quartet of larrikins from the Perth hills. Delivering a mixed bag of classics and originals, they do so via a selection of eclectic, handcrafted instruments from a shovel guitar to a baritone ukulele. With regular appearances at the Indi Bar and Blues at Bridgetown, Two Dollar Dog serve an energetic slice of blues guaranteed to make you laugh, smile – and dance.

As mentioned, Blues at Bridgetown happily welcomes the 2019 return of the WAM Stage. Our partnership with WAM (West Australian Music) continues with a Super Saturday line-up featuring Mary Myfanwy, Tom Fisher & A Layabout, Latehorse, Kiera Jas, Hayden McGlinn, Tanya Ransom and Kat Wilson.

We’re also pleased to announce that The Riverbugs, The Blue Devils, Rambling Bill Rogers, The Riders, MDV Band, Steve West & The BB Band, Perth Blues Club, South West Blues Club, West Coast Blues Club and Hills Blues Club will be bringing their best to this year’s festival, along with the previously-announced…

The Original Chicago Blues All Stars (USA), Diesel, Bondi Cigars, 19-Twenty, Russell Morris, Ash Grunwald, Blue Shaddy , Kelly Auty, Little Billie, Hussy Hicks, Z-Star Trinity, Ezra Lee, Unb’Rocken (Bali), Jan Preston, Bonnie K and The Bonafides, Tom Fisher and The Layabouts, Minnie Marks, Simone Craddock Collective, Blue Child Collective, Tracey Barnett, Grand Casual, Toby, Moondog, Bambuseae Rhythm Section, Dr Charlie, Lightnin’ Jack Band, Lost Dog, Applejack & Moonshine, Blackwood Rising, Martin Lee Cropper and Carpark Social.

Tickets are now on sale through, including a great value Weekend Ticket & Camping package.

We simply cannot wait to see you again (or indeed for the first time!).

About Blues At Bridgetown

Blues At Bridgetown is a non-profit community association producing an annual music festival since 1993. Held in the second week of November each year, the three-day festival showcases blues and roots music, attracting visitors from across the state, interstate and overseas.

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