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| 30 August 2019 | Reply

Label: Napalm Records

Release Date: August 2, 2019

Rating: 98%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Another day – another new music stream to check out.  I try to spin most of them to see if it hits my musical palate in order to write a review and share my opinions.  The latest from The New Roses is definitely one of those discs, as it checks all the boxes on my musical rock and roll wish list.  Disc opener “Soundtrack Of My Life” sets the bar quickly and it sets it high.  This track is a guitar frenzy with killer cadence and amazing vocals that grabs you from first note and holds your ears hostage until the final note of the last refrain.  From verse to chorus to bridge, this track comes at you and delivers on all fronts… a theme that carries throughout the disc.  “Can‘t Stop Rock & Roll” keeps the energy flowing from the first track and sets the rock quotient high.  The rhythm section keeps the song anchored underneath the guitars and vocals in the mix without dragging the song down while the guitars soar through the bridge.  Title track “Nothing But Wild” is one of the coolest tracks from a vocal perspective, as the song gives Timmy Rough a different musical landscape to traverse and some room to run sonically.  This song takes me back to the rock sound of the late 80’s with a very anthemic vibe thanks to Norman Bites’ guitar work.  “The Bullet” is one of a pair of power ballads on the disc, but it also shows off a different sound and side of the band that demonstrates these guys are no one-trick pony.  The vocals perfectly deliver the emotionally charge lyrics.  “Unknown Territory” has a great intro full of drums, guitars, and some fun vocal ad libs.  The groove of the track is simple, but that is the beauty of the song – and the disc as a whole – is this is straight ahead rock and roll that isn’t over produced or over thought.  The cadence of this track is great and gets my foot tapping from the first kick drum beat.  “Give & Take” has a different feel to it from the first note.  The more relaxed bottom end seems slower, but not less powerful.  The solid foundation provided by the bass and drums keeps the vocals and guitars humming along nicely.  Disc closer “Glory Road” is the only song that misses for me.  It is a good song that might be great on another disc, but when held up against the other songs here, doesn’t seem to fit the pattern of the other songs.

“Down By The River” is a great rocker that gets the foot tapping, the head banging, and the catchy chorus gets you singing along before you finish your first pass through the song.  The drumming from Urban Berz and Hardy’s thumping bass lines give the song a solid foundation underneath the lofty vocals and searing fret work.  “Heartache” is a solid track that swirls the equal parts vocals, guitars, and rhythm section.  The result is a great song that showcases a different vibe without deviating from the rock and roll path cut on the other songs on the disc.  The layered vocals throughout add a little punch to the track without overpowering the mix.  “Runnin’ Out Of Hearts” is one of my favorite songs on the disc, thanks to the perfect blend of vocals, guitars, and rhythm section.  The contagious chorus and great transitions from verse to chorus and back again make this a cool song that I go back to time and time again.  I seem to go into full on rock mode every time the chorus hits.  The only track that grabs me more is the electrifying “As The Crow Flies.”  This song delivers everything a rock and roll fan could ask for, and then some.  The guitars are huge without being overpowering while the thundering bottom end is anchoring without being too heavy.  The vocals are amazing on this track and take Rough’s performance to the next level.  Be sure to check out the solo on the bridge, as it is Norman’s best work on the disc.  If you only have four minutes to spend on new music, make it this track!  “The Only Thing” is the second of two ballads on the disc.  This track perfectly balances the power side and the ballad side, culminating in a great song.  “Meet Me Half Way” is a great track that features some killer acoustic driven guitars and some of the best vocals on the track.  The song benefits from a stripped back attitude and sound that allows the band to show us they are no one-trick pony that can only come at you with solid rock.  This album delivers the goods and I can only hope to hear these songs live in the future.

Tracklisting: Soundtrack Of My Life – Can‘t Stop Rock & Roll – Down By The River – Nothing But Wild – Heartache – The Bullet – Runnin’ Out Of Hearts – Unknown Territory – As The Crow Flies – Give & Take – The Only Thing – Meet Me Half Way – Glory Road

The New Roses Lineup: Timmy Rough (vocal/guitar) – Norman Bites (guitar) – Hardy (bass) – Urban Berz (drums)






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